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Dauerhaft schlank durch XXL-Liposuktion
Dauerhaft schlank durch XXL-Liposuktion

Dauerhaft schlank durch XXL-Liposuktion

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„Ich kann weniger essen, nehme aber trotzdem nicht ab“ – Wenn Übergewichtige diesen Satz aussprechen, werden sie von ihren Mitmenschen oft belächelt und selten ernst genommen, da sie sich meist den Vorwurf anhören müssen, es dann nicht wirklich richtig versucht zu haben. Die logische Schlussfolgerung muss doch in unseren Augen sein: Wer weniger isst, nimmt zwangsläufig ab. Ein Irrtum, wie jetzt Wissenschaftler entdeckt und bewiesen haben. Ihre Studie beweist: Je mehr Körperfett man hat, desto geringer sind die Chancen abzunehmen.

The difficulty of losing weight, which is repeatedly discussed by full-bodied people, seems to be proven. And the frustration that goes with it is also understandable. In my practice for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Berlin Dahlem I often witnessed how much overweight people suffer from their appearance.

Protein sabotages losing weight

A study by Cambridge University (UK) and Toho University (Japan) now shows that a protein is responsible for the fact that people with extra body fat have great difficulty losing weight. The physicians discovered the process in mice, which could prove a particularly high body fat content. With them, the protein sLR11 ensured that the process of losing weight was suppressed. The protein acted like a „halting signal“: it made sure that the fat is stored, so as to prevent a supposed loss of energy. The result: more fat deposits.

In humans, this protein in the blood correlates with the total fat mass and thus also ensures that the body fat is hardly „lost“. In humans, however, the excess body fat could be removed by surgery, but the protein decreased in proportion to the reduced weight. Again, according to UK and Japanese experts, this protein is produced by fat cells. The discovery also explains why overweight people have a hard time losing weight.

Anyone who suffers from excess fat deposits and can not reach their desired body even through a low-calorie diet and physical exercise can get help with liposuction to fulfill the desire of a slim silhouette. But caution is required! Liposuction is not the same as liposuction. People with particularly large fat deposits are more at risk of getting an uneven result than people who need only little fat to be extracted. An essential condition is that the procedure of liposuction necessarily be selected according to a fat volumes. Patients with high levels of body fat should be hospitalized in this case. The procedure also takes place under general anesthesia and should also be monitored thereafter, as possible circulatory reactions may occur.

Patients opting for XXL liposuction spend at least one night in our Dahlem Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic .

If you have any further questions, my team and I would be pleased to assist you and explain the different methods and techniques. Also with regard to other operations such as a tummy tuck, a total body lift or a breast augmentation, we are happy to advise you personally.