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Prof. Dr. med. Sinis

Prof. Dr. med. Sinis

Private Clinic for Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery in Berlin

Perfect results through microsurgical precision


The private practice for plastic and aesthetic cosmetic surgery of Prof. Dr. med. Nektarios Sinis. Aesthetic surgery is an important part of plastic surgery. Here at our practice, we offer various procedures and surgical techniques to improve the appearance, shape and quality of life of our patients. Here at our practice, we offer various procedures and surgical techniques to improve the appearance, shape and quality of life of our patients.A high degree of precision, a trained eye and years of experience make the “precise” difference in all cosmetic surgery. At Sinis-Aesthetics in Berlin you and your wishes come first. A high degree of patient safety through years of microsurgical experience in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery lead to natural results that harmoniously fit the overall appearance of the patient.

Sinis Aesthetics

Treatments in our clinic


Breast Augmentation Berlin

Too small, asymmetrical, sagging – women who feel their breasts are a blemish often have breast augmentation performed. Our focus is on the desire to feel wholly well again after a breast enlargement. In order to bring our patients closer to this goal, we have various methods at our disposal, such as breast augmentation with implants or the patient’s own fat. We are happy to advise you.



If the nose is too large, crooked or unsightly in shape, standing out from the harmonious overall appearance of the face, nose surgery can help to change positively the position, size, height and width of the nose. A nose correction, or rhinoplasty, is a combination of all shape-changing measures on the outer and inner nose.

The microsurgical facelift

The microsurgical facelift – cosmetic surgery for you

The surgical correction of the ageing face is called a facelift. Our practice has various procedures at its disposal. Experience shows that patients benefit from the plastic surgeon’s high level of expertise in the field of microsurgery.

Sinis aesthetics


Monday 08.00 - 20.00
Open continuously from Tuesday 08.00 to Saturday 14.00

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With the "Hello Professor!" function you can forward your questions or pictures directly to Professor Sinis via WhatsApp.

Testimonials of our patients

Super great specialist. Yes, I had my neck and lower cheek lifts and I am super happy with the result. Thank you, thank you, thank you Prof. Sinis and, of course, thank you to the anesthetist and the entire excellent team. I have never had any pain and feel wonderful! Swelling is now 90% gone after 3 weeks. I would do this surgery again anytime!


tummy tuck. I had with Prof. Dr. Sinis a tummy tuck. let do. Since I also had painful scars, my request was demanding. The surgery went really well, I felt well advised and accepted. The operation was a great success for me. The aftercare is also very good. It was a right and good decision, although of course I had my doubts. From my point of view I would do it again and again. And above all, only with Prof. Sinis. A heartfelt thank you.


An artist who redefines the limits of medical feasibility. I had Prof. Sinis operate on me at the beginning of December. A breast lift and a tummy tuck were done after a major weight loss. Now almost 2 months later, the result is already fantastic. I have a waist for the first time in my life and my stomach, disfigured by pregnancy, is firm again. Prof. Sinis has given me a new sense of self-esteem. Should I ever decide to have an aesthetic operation again, then only with this competent surgeon.

Cosmetic surgery experiences of our patients — 
Cosmetic surgery experiences of our patients — 
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Costs and Effort

  • The costs of cosmetic surgery cannot be generalized as each treatment is very individual and can therefore vary greatly. In a consultation, however, we can fairly accurately determine the total costs incurred, which are made up of the procedure, the anesthetist, the hospital stay and the aftercare.

    The cost estimate usually always corresponds to the actual costs. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a few examples of how the costs for the five main treatments are made up.

    Here we distinguish between head and facial treatments and can give you the following guidelines:

    Hair transplant

    The cost of a hair transplant starts at around 3000 euros - depending on the severity of the hair loss and how many sessions are necessary.


    With the facelift we can distinguish between two price categories. For example, you can count on costs from around 2000 euros for a lift of the forehead or eyelids and from around 4500 euros for a facelift or a neck lift.

    Breast surgery

    The average cost of breast augmentation or reduction is just under 5,000 euros and depends, among other things, on the size of the implants and the complexity of the procedure.


    The total price for liposuction is made up of the amount of fat on the one hand and a possible combination with skin tightening on the other - starting from around 2000 euros.

    Thigh lift

    The cost of a thigh lift starts at around 2000 euros.

  • Most of our treatments take place under local anesthesia and last about two to four hours.


We have received several awards on and We are proud of this because it reflects our quality. We do our best every day to achieve this.