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Breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Berlin

Breast enlargement, known as breast augmentation or mammary augmentation in the technical jargon, is one of the most common procedures in aesthetic surgery. Breast enlargement is usually performed on women who are very dissatisfied with their breasts and often suffer greatly from the subjectively perceived appearance of their breasts. Whether its a case of a shrunken breast after a pregnancy, extremely uneven breasts, a congenital malformation of the breast such as a tube-like breast (tubular breast), or even missing breast gland tissue after pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are many reasons why women choose breast augmentation in Berlin.

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Breast Augmentation:
The Facts


Length of stay in the clinic

1 day


General anaesthesia

Follow-up treatment

6 weeks
compression bra

Resumption of social activities

after 14 days






From 7000.00 euros

When is a breast augmentation useful?

  • For patients with breasts that are too small and cause mental suffering
  • In patients with asymmetrical breasts that cause mental distress
  • If signs of aging or malformations of the breast cause psychological stress or lead to problems in everyday life
Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation

General Information About Breast Augmentation in Berlin

But how is breast augmentation performed? And what options are available at our clinic? Breast augmentation with silicone implants is one of the most common procedures in plastic and aesthetic surgery. In this operation, silicone implants are usually inserted into the breast, which are not only supposed to enlarge it, but also to give it firmness and shape. Meaning breast augmentation can also be performed by way of a breast lift. The result is a larger and shapely bust, which is also adapted to the individual nature of each woman’s body. In order to achieve this, we advise our patients in Berlin in several thorough, consecutive consultations. This enables us understand what the specific ideas and wishes of each woman are. We will inform you about the different breast augmentation options and together we will choose the implant size and shape that fits the body and promises a natural look. We also inform our patients about risks and possible complications during these discussions and are available for information at any time. It is important to us that you feel completely comfortable and well looked after at the Sinis Clinic Berlin. This is the best way to ensure breast augmentation leads to a satisfactory result for you.

But how is breast augmentation performed? And what options are available at our clinic? Breast augmentation with silicone implants is one of the most common procedures in plastic and aesthetic surgery. In this operation, silicone implants are usually inserted into the breast, which are not only supposed to enlarge it, but also to give it firmness and shape. Meaning breast augmentation can also be performed by way of a breast lift.
The result is a larger and shapely bust, which is also adapted to the individual nature of each woman’s body. In order to achieve this, we advise our patients in Berlin in several thorough, consecutive consultations. This enables us understand what the specific ideas and wishes of each woman are. We will inform you about the different breast augmentation options and together we will choose the implant size and shape that fits the body and promises a natural look. We also inform our patients about risks and possible complications during these discussions and are available for information at any time. It is important to us that you feel completely comfortable and well looked after at the Sinis Clinic Berlin. This is the best way to ensure breast augmentation leads to a satisfactory result for you.

Breast Augmentation: The Technology

Surgery with implants is the most common surgical method in plastic and aesthetic surgery for breast augmentation. Our specialists insert implants for plastic and aesthetic surgery, consisting of either silicone or table salt. We recommend breast augmentation with silicone as a low-risk method with a very high satisfaction rate among patients.The quality of silicone implants has improved steadily over the past few years. Therefore, in most cases no further operations are necessary, even years later. This means that, in an ideal case, breast implants can remain in place for life. This decisive advantage makes the choice of implant even more important now than it was a few years ago. Many of our patients opt for a natural shape: a breast implant that creates a beautiful, well-shaped bust and fits the individual makeup of the patient’s body. Find out more about choosing the breast implant that is right for you here, or get advice directly from Prof. Sinis at the Sinis Clinic Berlin.

Whether the health insurance covers the cost of breast augmentation depends on the medical necessity. Here, both psychological and physical reasons can be decisive. For example, the costs of breast reconstruction including implants are covered by the statutory health insurance after/in the case of breast cancer surgery. In the case of severely deformed breasts as a result of accidents, diseases or anomalies as well as severe breast asymmetry, the costs are also usually reimbursed by the health insurance.


The procedure for a breast enlargement at the Sinis Clinic can be summarized in five steps:

  • Personal consultation in our clinic in Berlin with a preliminary examination, consultation and detailed analysis of each patient’s individual situation, because everyone is unique!
  • Informative conversation with a 3D visualization of the possible surgical result after breast augmentation.
  • Breast Surgery With a Stay at the Sinis Clinic Berlin.
  • Following the procedure, we keep patients in for one night to carry out post-operative monitoring
  • Discharge and further treatment are also within the scope of post-operative aftercare.

It is important to us that you are fully informed about the procedure of your breast augmentation and that you feel in good hands.

Firstly, we will find the best bespoke breast augmentation solution for you through a detailed consultation in our private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Dahlem, Berlin. We discuss how we can surgically change the appearance of your breasts, which implants are suitable for you, where these implants should be placed and what expectations you have of the breast augmentation. These are all aspects we will discuss and find answers for in your first consultation. We will also provide you with comprehensive information about possible risks and complications that could arise during the operation.Are you unsure which cup size is most suitable for silicone implants and best fits your body? This unique 3D simulation software allows you to see the changes caused by breast augmentation with silicone before the operation. You can find out here what is required for a simulation with Crisalix and how the process works: 3D simulation with Crisalix

The frequent surgery days make it possible to keep the waiting times for surgery appointments for breast augmentation in Berlin within limits. The average waiting time is approximately between about two and six weeks. Since appointments for surgery are also offered during vacation periods such as the Easter break, semester break or summer vacation, an optimal surgery date can be found for each of our patients.

Aftercare after breast surgery in Berlin

The breast augmentation aftercare process begins with the first follow-up examination at the Sinis Clinic Berlin. It is an important part of the breast surgery process. Our aim is not only to achieve your perfect desired result, but also to ensure that you feel as little pain as possible in the period immediately after the operation. In order to achieve this, we rely on interdisciplinary cooperation with the department of anaesthesia in our clinic. We accompany you on an outpatient basis after your breast enlargement with appropriate medication. This enables us to be able to generally guarantee that the procedure of breast augmentation with silicone implants will be a painless operation for you.

From a medical point of view, it is strongly recommended that the compression bra and the Stuttgart belt be worn as continuously as possible (guideline 23 hours a day). The compression bra is generally recommended for the first six weeks. In addition, you should refrain from lifting the arm more than 90 degrees during this period. Stronger physical strain and sports activities are also prohibited.Pain and swelling are also completely normal. The swelling in particular will usually remain for weeks. Therefore, an accurate assessment of the result is only possible after six weeks. Often there are asymmetries in the swellings, which of course influence the initial cosmetic result. In this case, it is important to remain calm because the final result of the operation only becomes apparent once the maximum swelling has disappeared.

After ten to fourteen days the stitches can finally be removed. Until then, full baths and showers should be avoided. After thread pulling, flowing water is no longer a problem and the scar care begins.

In case of problems or concerns, my patients can of course contact me at any time. Either by phone, e-mail or via the contact form on the website. However, as a rule, the first visit takes place in the next morning after the operation. After discharge from my private clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Dahlem, Berlin, patients should return within the first week so we can check up on wounds and carry out further examinations. The next scheduled appointment is to remove the stitches, about ten to fourteen days after the operation. Subsequently, close supervision is no longer necessary.

After Breast Augmentation - Further Questions

Many patients are justified in being concerned about whether scars remain after their breast surgery in Berlin. Your own body and the desire to feel comfortable in it are usually the reason for breast augmentation. Therefore, scars are a disturbing additional effect, which can disturb the integrity of your own form and figure.Our aim is to make the scar as small and unobtrusive as possible and not to effect the patient’s own perception of their new breast. To this end, we use the latest techniques and surgical measures that greatly reduce scarring. Unfortunately, a scar after breast surgery cannot be completely avoided.

In addition to our expertise and surgical skills, the patient should also be contributing to reducing the scar’s visibility. It is best to start scar care very soon after breast surgery in order to support the healing process in the best possible way.

Extreme temperatures and UV radiation have a negative effect on the scar. You should therefore make absolutely sure to protect the operated area from direct sunlight for about 3 to 6 months and to treat it with special scar creams in the first six weeks after the breast surgery. In winter, sufficiently warm clothing protects against cold temperatures. When choosing clothing, you should avoid too coarse material that could injure or irritate the scar. Stretching and tension also damage the scar. After your breast surgery, you should therefore avoid physical work and sports as far as possible in order to avoid pulling at the scar. To promote scar healing, it is effective to use scar creams and scar gels. We recommend using a silicone scar gel, which should be gently massaged into the tissue, at least twice a day. If you need advice on the correct scar care after breast augmentation, please feel free to contact us at any time.

How long you will feel pain after your breast augmentation depends strongly on your personal pain perception. The minimal touch technique we use in Berlin in the field of breast augmentation and a close cooperation with the Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine under the direction of Dr. Georgi Dimitrov, allow us to to reduce your pain to a large extent.A gentle handling of the surrounding fabric is the the minimal touch technique’s best claim. At no time will the surgeon’s hand touch the inner pocket under the muscle that is being prepared for the implant. Instead, long, specially designed instruments are used, which are inserted through a small incision, similar to keyhole surgery (minimally invasive).

This reduces long-term complications such as capsule fibrosis, i.e. the encapsulation of the implant with partially painful hardening of the tissue. For one, the minimal touch technique reduces the surgeon’s contact with the inserted silicone implant. For this purpose, a tunnel is used when inserting the implant to press the implant into the body without the surgeon touching it. As a consequence, the preparation of the pocket in which the implant is inserted is gentler. The surgeon no longer comes into direct contact with the open wound. Instead, the bag is prepared precisely, cleanly and exclusively using the appropriate instruments. The tunnel helps to prevent contamination when inserting the implant. Less contamination also means less pain. The modern surgical technique prevents operative trauma, i.e. injuries to the muscle.

After the operation we supply our patients on an outpatient basis with appropriate medication to further minimize the pain following breast enlargement. This makes the surgical procedure of breast augmentation a largely painless operation..

The freshly operated breast is a sensitive tissue, which is why you should pay attention to a few things after a breast operation in order not to compromise the result of the operation and to aid the wound’s healing process. The focus of the healing process is to protect the body. We therefore advise you to avoid physical exertion as much as possible. Above all, heavy lifting and all activities for which you have to lift your hands above your head should not be carried out at all or only very carefully. This should prevent slowing down the healing process or causing possible complications. This also includes everyday movements such as putting on a sweater or washing your hair. If you are unsure about specific activities, you are always welcome to contact us.In addition, you should also pay attention to a gentle position during sleep. For the first 3 weeks after your breast enlargement, we recommend that you only sleep on your back. The abdominal position can only be resumed without hesitation six to eight weeks after the operation at the earliest.

Smokers should avoid nicotine consumption in the period before and after breast surgery in Berlin. If they suddenly stop smoking just a few days before the operation, this can lead to increased mucus production. In combination with anaesthesia, this can increase the risk of pneumonia. It is therefore advisable to stop smoking 4-6 weeks before breast augmentation. Even after the operation you should not start smoking again immediately (our advice is to take the operation as an opportunity to give up nicotine in the long term!). This is because nicotine intake has a negative effect on scarring and increases the risk of capsular fibrosis. Renunciation is also required here for at least 4-6 weeks.

How long must I not do any sports after breast augmentation? These questions are asked again and again by patients who are regularly active in sports and find it difficult to avoid exercise. In principle, every body is unique and reacts very individually to surgical procedures such as breast augmentation. Therefore, the need for rest and recuperation also varies greatly from patient to patient.Nevertheless, as far as possible all patients should refrain from major efforts and sports activities in the first 48 hours after breast augmentation. The body must first recover after the operation and regain energy at rest. Please take your time and take it easy!

As soon as the body has recovered and regained strength, you can slowly start with light exercise. Always pay attention to your body and your personal limits (which will be easily reached soon after the breast augmentation, much faster than before the surgery!) Only when the post-op healing process is complete, can you do any kind of sport in any intensity without hesitation. We would be happy to give you specific advice at one of your aftercare appointments.

We also recommend wearing a sports bra when doing sports after breast augmentation to stabilize the breast tissue. We can discuss which sports bra is right for you in a personal consultation at the Sinis Clinic Berlin. Please feel free to contact us.

Durability / Experience of breast augmentation with Prof. Dr. Sinis in Berlin

It is our goal that patients at the Sinis Clinic Berlin have consistently positive experiences of their breast augmentation. The change to their own body in the form of a surgical procedure should be carried out as part of a process in which the patient feels well cared for and comfortable all around. Our highly competent team of specialists with many years of experience in breast surgery forms a solid foundation for achieving this goal. We know what women’s needs are surrounding breast augmentation and unfortunately we have seen too many patients who have had negative experiences with their breast augmentation from other providers, especially cheap providers at home and abroad. Will we succeed? The reviews of our patients on the relevant portals Jameda and speak for themselves. You are welcome to inform yourself here and read the experiences of our patients with breast augmentation in their personal reports or in the reports published on our website.

The result after breast augmentation is as different as the condition of our patients’ bodies. In order to give you an idea of your new appearance even before the surgical procedure, we use professional simulation techniques during the informative discussion at the Sinis Clinic Berlin. For example, the 3D simulation of the breast on a PC using a special camera. This technique simulates breast augmentation and thus creates a before-and-after comparison even before breast augmentation surgery.During the 3D simulation, we create a three-dimensional initial image based on two-dimensional photos of the patient using the innovative Crisalix visualisation software. This enables us to create a very realistic image of the breast and visually construct the possible surgical result in a very concrete and detailed way.

Risks and Complications

In recent years, numerous procedures have been developed and existing ones optimised in order to keep the risks of breast surgery as low and safe as possible. At the Sinis Clinic Berlin we have specialized in the minimal-touch technique, which is particularly low-risk and painless for patients. Using this method, the possible contamination of the implant and the wound is reduced to a minimum. With this technique, the surgeon has no direct contact with the silicone implant and the implant is also inserted more gently.

This virtually eliminates the risk of wound healing disorders, infections and capsule fibrosis.Nevertheless, breast augmentation is always an operative, surgical procedure that can theoretically involve certain risks. In a personal consultation at the Sinis Clinic Berlin we will comprehensively inform you about the possible risks. We also explain how the risks associated with breast augmentation can be reduced as much as possible. In addition to the surgical technique, the precise planning of the operation and, of course, the correct pre- and post-operative care is also important.

Capsule Fibrosis

Capsule fibrosis is a painful hardening of the tissue, which can occur in rare cases after breast augmentation. In this process, a foreign body shell forms in the breast; the body does not accept the foreign tissue (silicone implant) and instead encloses the implant with a capsule of connective tissue. If the tissue hardens or changes during capsular fibrosis, this can lead to severe pain. The risk of capsular fibrosis after breast augmentation can be minimized by correct positioning of the breast implant in the breast. Unfortunately, non-expert treatment is one of the most common causes of capsular fibrosis. We also reduce the risk through the surgical method we use, the minimal touch technique, which minimizes contamination of the implant and breasts with bacteria. Thus excluding the second most frequent cause of the immune reaction capsular fibrosis.

In addition, the minimal touch technique reduces the risk of bleeding during the operation. Bleeding and accumulation of blood during surgery is also a common reason for the development of capsular fibrosis around the silicone implant, as bacteria introduced here find an ideal culture medium. Surrounded by blood, bacteria can grow and flourish on the edge of a silicone implant and force the development of capsular fibrosis in breast augmentation. To prevent this from happening, all operations using silicone implants (breast augmentation, breast lift) are performed at the Sinis Clinic Berlin using the minimal touch technique.

Capsule fibrosis (formation of a foreign body shell) in the breast is a painful hardening of the tissue, one of the most common undesirable consequences of breast enlargement. The body forms a capsule of connective tissue around the implant as an expression of the foreign body reaction with the silicone surface of the implant. Over time, the cells can change and harden or be transformed into muscle tissue, a process that can have painful consequences for the patient. Other causes of capsular fibrosis in the breast can be the incorrect positioning of the implant and possible contamination with bacteria.In order to minimize the risk of capsular fibrosis for you, we use the minimal touch technique. This surgical method minimizes the surgeon’s contact with both the silicone implant and the patient during the operation, thus preventing the causes of capsular fibrosis as much as possible.

Minor pain after breast augmentation with implants is usually completely normal and harmless. However, there are some symptoms that can occur after breast augmentation and are at least signs of capsular fibrosis. These include pain as well as a feeling of tension in the operated breast and deformations of the breast and a change in the shape of the implant. These are usually clearly visible to the patient. If the implant shifts or twists, the breast appears asymmetrical or wrinkles form, these are also often signs of capsular fibrosis after breast augmentation. A very clear characteristic of capsular fibrosis is a hard capsule in the breast, which the patient can feel clearly.If any patient detects any of these symptoms after their breast augmentation, they should definitely consult a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery. This examines whether capsule fibrosis is involved or whether the pain or changes have another cause.

According to the plastic surgeon Mr. Baker, whether capsular fibrosis is present, how severely it has progressed, and which symptoms are associated with it, are differentiated in four stages. The so-called Baker stages describe the possible degree of hardening after breast augmentation with silicone implants. Stage I is the normal state in which the breast is soft and looks natural – changes are neither visible nor palpable.From stage II on, the disease is called capsular fibrosis. Baker stage II describes a mild form of capsular fibrosis. Externally no changes are visible, but the breast is minimally hardened. In severe capsular fibrosis, stage III according to Baker, the breast is clearly hardened and also visibly deformed. However, the patient does not (yet) feel any pain. Only in the last stage, the pronounced capsular fibrosis, are the clearly visible and palpable changes in the breast accompanied by pain.

If a patient has been diagnosed with capsular fibrosis after their breast surgery, it is important to treat them professionally as soon as possible. In the early stages, a so-called fibrosis section or endoscopic capsulotomy can provide relief. In this therapy of capsular fibrosis, inscisions are made in the capsule tissue, which is scarred and shrunken, so that the inserted implant has more space.If the capsular fibrosis is already very advanced, after what Baker calls stage III and IV, the inserted implant should usually be replaced and a new one inserted. The capsular fibrosis is removed in the course of an operation.

In contrast to breast augmentation, which can become a health insurance benefit under certain circumstances, the costs for the treatment of capsular fibrosis cannot usually be covered by the health insurance. A law has been in force since 2007 which stipulates that patients must pay for diseases secondary to aesthetic surgery themselves. So, health insurance companies do not cover the treatment of capsular fibrosis. Since the treatment can be quite expensive due to the costs of anaesthesia, surgery and follow-up treatment, it is recommended in certain cases to take out a follow-up cost insurance before breast augmentation.

There are a large number of insurance providers that cover treatment in the case of capsular fibrosis. The insurance of capsule fibrosis usually covers surgical treatment in case of a developed capsule fibrosis, including the costs of a stay in the clinic and follow-up treatment. It is essential that you inform yourself in detail about the exact conditions of insurance for capsular fibrosis. Insurance policies range from no additional payment at all to a sometimes very high personal contribution and vary in particular in their terms. Under certain circumstances it may be advisable to choose a longer term for the insurance of this complication after breast augmentation

The causes of capsular fibrosis have not yet been fully researched. According to the latest research, however, there are several factors that significantly increase the risk of capsular fibrosis. These include smoking (which should always be avoided before an operation), contamination with bacteria, and an incorrectly inserted implant. While the patient them self can exclude smoking as a risk factor, they must rely on the competence of their specialist for the other two causes. At the Sinis Clinic Berlin we offer the so-called Minimal Touch Technique, a procedure in which the surgeon has very little direct contact with the implant as well as with the patient’s tissue, thus minimizing the risk of contamination. In addition, we usually place the implant under the pectoral muscle so that capsular fibrosis can also be avoided as far as possible.

Do you suffer from capsular fibrosis and would like to be treated professionally or you would like to have a breast augmentation and minimize the risk of capsular fibrosis even before surgery? At the Sinis Clinic Berlin, we perform breast augmentations with implants according to the highest quality standards. We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on your breast surgery with breast implants in Berlin as well as on the professional treatment of capsule fibrosis. Simply fill out the following contact form or call us at: 030 – 67 82 81 81

Breast Augmentation & Pregnancy

It is only advisable to perform breast augmentation before a planned pregnancy if breast augmentation is performed about 3-6 months before the beginning of pregnancy. After this period the healing processes are usually so well advanced that the changes in the body caused by pregnancy no longer have any undesirable effects on the result of a breast enlargement.During pregnancy we expressly advise against breast augmentation. This is because the weight and hormone fluctuations and milk intake associated with pregnancy would have a strong influence on the outcome of breast surgery, as well as the healing process.

Breast augmentation after pregnancy should only be performed with sufficient time interval. Especially during breastfeeding, the body and the breasts in particular are so severely altered that a surgical intervention during this period would lead to a different result than under “normal” circumstances. Only after weaning does the breast take on the shape that will remain permanent and unfortunately, it can no longer be compared with the original shape, especially after several pregnancies. After pregnancy, many women’s breasts hang in a drop-shaped manner, appearing empty and saggy. For many of our patients, this permanent change in the bust after pregnancy is associated with a great deal of suffering because even sports exercises and creams cannot restore the former shape of the breasts. In these cases, the surgical procedure of breast augmentation can be helpful. We would be happy to advise you!

Many patients come to us with queries about whether they can breastfeed their child without any problems after breast augmentation. In general, we can tell them ‘yes’. Implants in themselves do not cause any problems during breastfeeding. However, there are limitations with some standardized incisions that are used to insert the implant during breast augmentation. We recommend women who do not want to exclude pregnancy per se to avoid the ‘periareolar’ incision, i.e. the surgical access via the nipple, during breast surgery. Manipulation of the nipple through the incision at the areola can make breastfeeding more difficult in individual cases after breast augmentation. All the other incision techniques we use in breast augmentation are suitable for breastfeeding.

Costs of Breast Augmentation in Berlin

The cost of a breast operation depends on the type of procedure and varies according to personal findings. An exact calculation of the costs for your breast augmentation can only be made after the first personal consultation, in which we determine which method should be used for you and which implants we will insert. Quality has its price: high-quality implants cost more than the inferior, cheaper variants, as does the care of an experienced, highly specialized surgeon and head physician. Since breast surgery is about your own body and health, you should not skimp on this point, even if cheap providers tempt you with supposed bargain surgery. Learn more about the cost of breast augmentation here.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to quote an exact sum across the board, as the circumstances vary for each individual operation and for each patient. Each operation is individual and accordingly requires an individual cost breakdown. The type of breast augmentation and the choice of implants are the determining factors for the cost composition. In addition, qualified, specialist consultation, treatment and control appointments as well as compression garments are included in the total price. Several non-binding consultations are required, during which the cost of breast augmentation and personal expectations are clarified and the cost of the operation is determined. In order to give you an overview, we can give you a guideline: The total cost is usually at least 5000 euros, although it can vary greatly upwards.

Since the costs of breast augmentation are not usually covered by health insurance, payment in installments for surgery is an attractive option. Various credit institutions offer different financing systems and installment payment models that are directly tailored to breast surgery. The convenient installments allow you to realize your beauty dream without having to forego high quality. We will be happy to advise you and create a financing model tailored to your needs, discreetly and without obligation. This only needs to be coordinated with a credit institution to receive a positive feedback from the bank – and nothing more stands in the way of your breast augmentation.

Whether or not your health insurance company will cover the financing of a breast enlargement depends on the medical necessity for the operation.In the case of operations for purely aesthetic reasons, for example because a woman considers her breasts to be too small, the costs of a breast enlargement are usually not covered by health insurance.

Exceptions to this cost absorption regulation for breast augmentation are diseases such as extreme asymmetry of the breast, or malformations. If such a case exists, the health insurance company will then decide how severe the restrictions are. The decision about the financing is made on a case by case basis.

If a breast deformity is ‘acquired’, for example through an accident or an amputation as a result of cancer, the necessity of plastic surgery can be medically justified. So if the breast enlargement is performed for such a reason, the health insurance company is obliged to cover the costs. We will be happy to advise you on your individual case and are available for discussions with your health insurance company.

The costs of the initial consultation always depend on the type and extent of the treatment. In principle, the scale of fees for doctors applies to the consultation hours. Thereafter, patients pay 90 € for the initial consultation with anamnesis, collection of previous findings, physical examination and preparation of a therapy and cost plan. This fee is payable once and will not be credited towards further treatment. Additional appointments and post-operative care are included in the total price of the procedure and do not have to be paid separately. This is the only way to ensure a high-quality treatment with sufficient treatment time, during which we can respond to you and your specific needs. In order to ensure the success of the treatment, we have to carry out the consultation with sufficient time and care.

Are you interested in a breast enlargement in Berlin? At the Sinis Clinic Berlin, competent doctors perform not only this operation but also breast lifting and breast reduction in accordance with the highest quality standards. Our patients come to us from all over Germany and even from abroad to be comprehensively cared for by our experienced and competent team within the framework of breast augmentation.We would also be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on your breast surgery in Berlin and other services such as liposuction and breast lifting. Please fill out the following contact form or call us at:
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