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Forehead lift

Forehead lift / Brow Lift in Berlin

The forehead region is often completely ignored when rejuvenating the face. In addition to the classic facelift, midface lift or neck lift, the forehead lift is being carried out less and less frequently but also mastered by the introduction of botulinium toxin therapy. In addition, regardless of the aging process, there are patients who complain about a low position of their eyebrow region. Both for the aging forehead region, which loses its attractiveness through wrinkles and folds, but also for deep-set eyebrows, a lift of the upper face, i.e. the forehead, can be a sensible measure to remedy this condition.

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Forehead lift / Brow Lift:
The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

1 day


General anaesthesia

Follow-up treatment

Decongestant measures
for 2–3 days

Resumption of social activities

After 14 days






From 4500.00 euros

When does a forehead and brow lift make sense?

  • For patients in whom the natural aging process has led to a sagging of the forehead and brow area
  • For patients with psychological problems due to aging of the upper part of the face
  • For patients with excess skin on the brows leading to restricted field of vision
Forehead lift
Forehead lift

The Open Forehead Lift and the Open Brow Lift

The open forehead lift or front lift is a traditional and well-established method of rejuvenating the forehead region. The incision is made on the hairy part of the head or at the transition from the forehead to the hairline, whereby we prefer the incision in the hairy part of the scalp. The skin incision is made in such a way that the blade of the knife is inserted parallel to the hair follicles, so that the hair is not lost at this point, or so that the scar is not visible later.

The open forehead lift is planned and performed in such a way that the forehead region is completely undermined and loosened. This allows the soft tissues and skin to be fully mobilized and moved upwards. The corresponding excess is then removed from the top of the hairy part of the head and the forehead region is hung with anchors, fixed and finally the skin is sutured. This means the tension on the skin and the underlying muscles can be readjusted and the brow region raised as well.

It is not always possible to achieve the desired eyebrow position by lifting the forehead. Moreover, undermining and thus extensive preparation and manipulation of the forehead is not always necessary in cases of eyebrow protrusion. It can be useful to perform an open brow lift, especially in the case of very dense hair on the eyebrow. For this purpose, a small incision is made at the transition between the upper edge of the eyebrow and the forehead, which is positioned in such a way that it later disappears into the eyebrow.

By removing the overlying skin, the eyebrow can be adjusted to the desired height and position.

Methods & procedure of forehead lift by Prof. Dr. Sinis

In the endoscopic forehead lift, access to the forehead is via three small incisions in the hairy part of the head. This is where the endoscope and the necessary instruments for performing the endoscopic forehead lift are inserted. In our private clinic for plastic surgery in Berlin Dahlem we perform several endoscopic and open forehead lifts every year. The special feature of this procedure, in which only small incisions are made on the scalp, is the minimal trauma and thus the faster recovery after the operation. The result is just as convincing and long-lasting as with the open forehead lift. However, an endoscopic forehead lift is by no means superior to an open forehead lift.

Rather, the objective of this procedure is different. On the one hand it is about raising the eyebrows, whereby the emphasis is mainly on the outer brow. On the other hand it is also about raising the soft tissues under the eyebrows, which is why the endoscopic forehead lift is also very often combined with an eyelid lift. Larger skin surpluses cannot be removed with this method. Rather, this procedure lifts the forehead by attaching small, self-resorbable anchor hooks.

forehead lift

There is no doubt that an open or closed forehead lift is more difficult to conceal in a patient with thinner hair than in a patient with thicker hair. Nevertheless, the forehead lift for these patients can also be performed openly or endoscopically without causing unsightly and visible scars. The special incision that is used for forehead lifts in such cases ensures this. Using an interrupted incision with so-called small Z-plastics, the scar can be concealed over the head. This is ensured by the special cut but also by a special sewing technique which is sewn very carefully at skin level.

This means that both endoscopic and open forehead lifts can be performed very effectively without loss of effectiveness and with inconspicuous scars, even for heads with little hair.

Wrinkle treatment on the forehead without surgery is possible and useful up to a certain depth of wrinkles – but it cannot be called a forehead lift. The injection of forehead wrinkles with the help of a muscle relaxant or neuromodulator and/or hyaluronic acid has the advantage of being a minimally invasive procedure. Accordingly, both risks and side effects are minimal. You can also perform your daily activities almost immediately after the treatment.However, this method cannot achieve tightening of the deeper tissue layers and thus lifting of the eyebrows.

Moreover, the injected substances are gradually broken down by the body, which results in the complete restoration of muscle activity after about a year. Therefore, a definitely more effective and sensible wrinkle treatment is a forehead lift. Here, a lasting skin tightening of up to 10 years and more can be achieved. Upon request, we will be happy to advise you in detail in a personal consultation.

Costs of forehead lift by Prof. Dr. Sinis

The costs of the initial consultation always depend on the type and extent of the treatment. In principle, the scale of fees for doctors applies to the consultation hours. Thereafter, patients pay 90 € for the initial consultation with anamnesis, collection of previous findings, physical examination and preparation of a therapy and cost plan. This fee is payable once and will not be credited towards further treatment.

Additional appointments and post-operative care are included in the total price of the operation and do not have to be paid separately. This is the only way to ensure a high-quality treatment with sufficient treatment time, during which we can respond to you and your specific needs. In order to ensure the success of the treatment, we have to carry out the consultation with sufficient time and care.

The prices for a forehead lift are wide-ranging depending on the extent of the treatment and can vary between about 2500 and 6000 euros. However, the exact costs are based on the individual skin characteristics as well as the scope of the surgery. In addition, consultation and possible aftercare costs are added. The total price of the forehead lift can also possibly increase due to postoperative complications – for example, due to extended stays in the clinic or aftercare. You can therefore only obtain an exact cost breakdown during a personal consultation.

Forehead Lift Experiences & Before/After Comparison

According to Section 11 Paragraph 1 Clause 3 of the German Medicines Advertising Act (HWG), it is unfortunately not permitted to publish before/after pictures of patients in the publicly accessible media. However, such recordings may be shown as part of a personal consultation, so that you have the opportunity to compare the results you have already achieved with your personal ideas.

With increasing age, the wrinkles deepen and have a negative effect on the overall expression of the face. On the one hand, the formation of wrinkles is favored by external factors such as UV radiation, nicotine or problematic living conditions, on the other hand, it is often genetic. Dissatisfaction with the external appearance is therefore the most common reason for a forehead lift. Other reasons given for this are the deep forehead wrinkles, the lowering of the eyebrows and the desire for a general refreshing effect.

The forehead lift is a highly effective method for men and women to revitalize facial features in the long term and thus achieve a more positive appearance. However, the procedure is not always a suitable decision and not for everyone. If the wrinkles on the forehead are not too pronounced, an operative intervention would be a disproportionate "overtreatment" and therefore rather unsuitable. Muscle activity can be inhibited by injecting a muscle relaxant/neuromodulator, thereby making the wrinkles less noticeable. In addition, these can be padded with hyaluronic acid.

It can also prevent new wrinkles from forming for a while. However, the wrinkle formation is often so advanced that only an operative forehead lift would be effective. A forehead lift is also definitely unsuitable for people who have an acute viral or bacterial infection or are otherwise ill. Even people who are convalescing after an illness or an operation may not be operated on. In order to minimize complications, we only perform a forehead lift on healthy patients.

Risks and complications of forehead lifting

Basically, the modern, endoscopic method of a forehead lift - which is currently used most frequently - is considered a gentle and low-risk procedure for a lasting result. Nevertheless, as with any operation, swelling and bruising can initially form. In addition, the mimic muscles in the forehead area can be temporarily paralyzed and restricted mobility of the eyebrows and numbness in the forehead area can occur.

Well, for one thing, such side effects are extremely rare. On the other hand, the abnormalities mentioned will subside by themselves after just two to four weeks, so that sensitivity is fully restored. You will, of course, learn about all possible, individual risks of forehead lifting in view of your personal background during an in-depth consultation.

Forehead lift is an effective way to refresh facial features. However, this is an operation in which skin incisions are unavoidable, which inevitably leave scars. Therefore, the surgical incisions are made as inconspicuously as possible and fine threads are used to sew up the wound. The scars usually remain almost invisible and can hardly be seen with the naked eye, but they cannot be avoided entirely. In addition, wound healing and consequently scar formation can be significantly influenced by careful aftercare. How you should treat the sutures in the postoperative period is explained in detail in our consultation.

In the postoperative period you will first have to wear a soft head bandage to protect the treated areas of the face. Absolute rest would be recommended, as certain pains are unavoidable after an operation. The drains used to drain the wound fluid are removed the day after the operation. In the beginning, you should preferably sleep on your back with your head elevated. You should also avoid exertion that increases blood pressure, such as bending over, lifting weights, blowing your nose or straining when you have a bowel movement.

You should also refrain from expansive head movements in the first few days after the forehead lift, so as not to impair the healing process. Direct sunlight should be avoided for about three months. Sporting activities or other physical stress should only be increased very slowly so as not to overstrain the treated areas of the face. You will be able to go about your normal activities again no later than two weeks after the procedure.


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