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Second Chance Our commitment to a good cause

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In the field of plastic-aesthetic surgery, Prof. Dr. Sinis and his team do extraordinary things every day

The outstanding work and reputation of the SINIS KLINIK in Berlin-Dahlem not only benefits wealthy patients. Charity work has been a top priority in practice for years. Prof. Dr. med. Sinis has given extensive help in recent years. His commitment goes far beyond the operations required. Humanity and understanding for every individual fate make SINIS SECOND CHANCE a very special project that sets standards.

Prof. Sinis Prof. Sinis
We regularly present you with the most exciting, moving and extraordinary stories behind SINIS SECOND CHANCE on YouTube. All cases are linked by the insatiable hope of a new beginning and the tireless commitment of Prof. Dr. Sinis and his team. In the following we present five special patients and their path to a new life. All background reports are available online in full.

A smile for Veronica

Veronika is actually a normal teenager. But for 15 years she has not been able to smile. A congenital paralysis of the facial muscles, which stretches across the right side of the face, does not allow facial expressions. What may have been overlooked in baby and kindergarten age is all the more noticeable with increasing age. A gauntlet begins, putting the girl in an awkward position wherever Veronika meets other people who stare at her and don't know why the corner of her mouth is crooked. The health insurance does not want to take over the case. As Prof. Dr. When Sinis finds out about this special fate, he knows that he has to help. The goal: to give Veronika a beautiful smile and actually enable her to live the life of a normal teenager. As part of a complicated operation lasting several hours, Prof. Dr. Sinis does everything to restore Veronika's facial expressions.

The vicious circle of lipoedema: help for the single mother Jeanette

Jeanette from Siegen suffers from stage 2 lipoedema. For years, the sympathetic integration force has been suffering massively from this clinical picture, which she knew nothing about for many years. With this disease, pathological fat cells multiply, you lose weight, gain weight again and soon find yourself in a vicious circle that can usually only be broken by an operation.

But the health insurance companies refuse to cover the costs. Terrible news for the single mother of a 13-year-old disabled son. She struggles through every day with great pain. Playing catch with Jonas, riding a scooter or being carefree on the road - unthinkable for the patient. But in the context of SINIS SECOND CHANCE there is finally new hope.

A New View of a New Life: The Sultane Case

A New View of a New Life: The Sultane Case

Stumbling, falling, reading badly and not being able to play properly ... Everyday life for the five-year-old Sultane, who has suffered from sagging eyelids since birth. Due to the birth-related weakness of the muscles in the upper eyelid, the girl always looks sleepy and conspicuous - an additional psychological burden in the child's everyday life.

In addition, there are orthopedic changes, because Sultane constantly tilts his head back to be able to see better. This creates more long-term problems. As part of SINIS SECOND CHANCE, Prof. Dr. Sinis of the little sultans, a new, symptom-free and normal life.

The girl's upper eyelids are tightened as part of an operation that lasts almost two hours. In addition, there is an operative shortening of the muscles. The goal: significantly increase Sultane's field of vision and make her look completely natural.

Help for war victims Mustafa

Help for war victims Mustafa

Mustafa is 20 years old and comes from Afghanistan. He was badly injured in a rocket attack as an infant - his face has been scarred ever since. Mustafa was introduced to Prof. Dr. Sinis noticed and decided to apply for SINIS SECOND CHANCE.

In fact, experienced surgeon Dr. Sinis and his team to operate on Mustafa for free. Without his help there would be little hope for the young man, because the health insurance companies refused to cover the costs. As part of the procedure, Prof. Dr. Sinis, what steps are necessary to correct scars, why you have to be so careful when preparing your face and how to deal with the extensive burn on Mustafa's cheek. In the end, Mustafa finally has the chance for a new life that he has been waiting for for so long.

Nour - Little girl, big hope

Nour - Little girl, big hope

7-year-old Nour has suffered from severe facial nerve paralysis since birth. Her family does not have the money to finance the delicate surgical procedure, and the public health system does not cover the costs of an operation. A year-long medical marathon has exhausted the strength of the whole family.

As part of SINIS SECOND CHANCE, Prof. Dr. Sinis to the fate of little Nour. During two microsurgical operations, the surgeon reconstructs the little girl's facial nerve and transplants a nerve and a muscle. So the girl finally gets the chance to have a normal childhood and a future worth living in.

Aline Bachmann - Total-Body-Lift Extrem

Aline Bachmann - Total-Body-Lift Extrem

Celebrities can also urgently need help. Aline Bachmann is not only known for her DSDS participation in 2013, her peak weight of 196 kilograms made her stand out.

Sweating and far too fat, with poor health, she decides to have a stomach reduction in 2019. The results are tremendous: in 4 months she loses 80 kilograms of weight. But massive excess skin ensures that Aline still cannot be happy in her own body.

A case for SINIS SECOND CHANCE - which also generates even more attention for the charitable project. Accompany Aline Bachmann during the upcoming operation, experience how a beautiful silhouette can be restored as part of a total body lift and what the result of the almost 8-hour operation by Prof. Dr. Sinis was able to achieve with Aline Bachmann.