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Microneedling in Berlin

In the course of time our skin inevitably begins to age. Depending on lifestyle, nutrition and genetic disposition, the skin’s appearance may deteriorate and become flabby. This not only refers to the development of wrinkles, but also impure, coarse-pored skin, a pale, unhealthy skin tone or slack connective tissue.

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Microneedling: The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

1 hour


Local anaesthesia

Follow-up treatment

Skin care

Resumption of social activities

After 2-3 days






from 300.00 euros

When is Microneedling useful?

  • For patients suffering from age-related, sagging skin
  • For patients who want finer pores and firm skin, especially on the face
  • For patients who suffer from scarred skin caused by acne, for example
  • For patients suffering from pigment disorders, stretch or pregnancy marks or scalp problems


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Possible Applications of Microneedling

Microneedling is based on a simple principle: the irritation of the upper epidermis causes micro-injuries that stimulate the body to activate its self-healing powers and thus stimulate the production of the body’s own collagen. As a result of the collagen formation, the connective tissue is strengthened, the blood circulation of the skin is increased and it gains firmness and elasticity.

The treatment gently irritates the skin by means of microfine punctures with a different number of needles (12-42, depending on the type of application), which induces the body’s own production of collagen, making the skin more elastic and firmer. To achieve a visible and lasting effect, we recommend 2-3 treatments at intervals of 4-6 weeks. Ideally, microneedling therapy is combined with the application of PRP in order to enhance the effect of the added stem cells and growth factors:

  • Scars (e.g. acne, operation and injury scars)
  • Stretch Marks and Stretch Marks Caused by Pregnancy
  • Tightening Slack Skin
  • Sun damaged skin, for skin renewal and skin rejuvenation
  • Large-pored skin, to refine the skin texture
  • Stretch marks are scars

Basically, microneedling is an effective and at the same time minimally invasive, gentle method of skin rejuvenation. Therefore, the procedure can easily be applied to any skin type as well as to any area of the body and at any age – provided that your skin is healthy! We generally do not treat people with various skin diseases. The microneedling procedure must also not be performed on people with a rare predisposition of the skin to produce excessive scar tissue.

This is a scar proliferation characterized by a bulging, thickly swollen, discolored, itchy and above all painful scar – the so-called hypertrophic scar or keloid. However, since microneedling virtually injures the skin and creates mini-wounds, so to speak, in the course of the treatment, large-scale damage to the skin structure can occur due to proliferation of scar tissue.

What is the real benefit of microneedling?

Whether deep or mimic wrinkles, sagging skin areas, large-pored skin or loss of facial contours - microneedling gives the treated skin areas a healthy, fresh and rejuvenated appearance. The procedure achieves a significant improvement in the skin structure even with scars of all kinds and stretch marks. Microneedling eliminates various skin imperfections and refines your complexion.

Procedure of Microneedling in Sinis Clinic Berlin

In the course of a detailed initial consultation, we first analyse your face / neck and décolleté together with you. Subsequently, we draw up a detailed concept of how and in what depth the treatment will be carried out.

First, the skin is cleaned and a local anaesthetic cream is applied. After the 15-minute application time, the treatment with the dermapen is painless, the depth of the punctures varies between 0.5 and 3 mm depending on the area.

After the treatment a soothing cream is applied and the treated area is cooled. After the treatment, irritation of the skin can cause redness, which, depending on the skin type, will disappear completely within 24 hours at the most, and you can leave the Sinis Clinic Berlin shortly after the procedure. As the application of make-up is allowed immediately after the treatment, you can usually resume your usual activities immediately after the treatment, but you should not do any sports for about 10-14 days so that the skin can regenerate in peace. In addition, there are special skin care products, especially serums, which can significantly improve the success of the therapy. Avoid exposure to strong heat or sunlight.

Microneedling is an innovative procedure that leads to rejuvenation of the skin. In order to refine stretch marks and in this way beautify the skin structure, collagen induction therapy is ideal. In the course of the treatment, we intensively work on the skin layers, which stimulates collagen synthesis. The needles penetrate the skin and cause quasi micro injuries. The healing process begins, stimulating the release of growth hormones and consequently cell division. As a result, new skin cells are formed, increasing the skin’s resistance.

The formation of new collagen fibers makes the skin appear firmer. The skin becomes denser and firmer. The structure of the skin is smoothed and the final result is a finer skin texture. To completely remove stretch marks, the treatment must be repeated several times. To achieve the desired result, three to five sessions at intervals of about four weeks are appropriate, depending on the size of the stretch marks. Experience shows that the duration of a treatment session is 1.5 hours. Microneedling should be repeated after about two years to prevent stretch marks from reappearing on the skin.

These are only guideline values, which give you the first insight. You will find out the exact course of treatment during an individual consultation.

Microneedling is a highly effective procedure to counteract the natural aging process. In principle, the needling procedure is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their own appearance in the long term and thus achieve a more positive radiance. However, the method is not always and not for everyone a suitable solution. Before a planned microneedling, you should inform us about existing diseases such as diabetes. You should also inform us about regular or irregular medication intake. Before you decide to undergo microneedling, you should especially rule out acute bacterial or viral infections. If you have cardiovascular diseases or blood clotting disorders, you must first consult a specialist.

Microneedling is also impossible if you have chronic skin diseases, inflammations or injuries in the treatment area. Microneedling is also unsuitable for people who have other serious illnesses or are still minors. Also, people who are convalescing after an illness or surgery should not be treated. To minimize complications, we perform microneedling exclusively on healthy people.

During the treatment, small, very thin needles are inserted into the skin. New collagen fibers are formed around the barely visible injuries. The formation of connective tissue and consequently the regeneration of the skin takes several weeks. Therefore, the first results of the needling treatment can be seen about four to eight weeks after the application. You should keep in mind that, on the one hand, more mature skin regenerates more slowly than younger skin. On the other hand, genetic predisposition plays a role in the duration of the regeneration process. Already after the first treatment session, the skin structure feels slightly more elastic and tighter. After three sessions, you will notice a significant improvement. The final result of microneedling will usually be seen after about ten to twelve weeks.

Risks of Microneedling

Since microneedling only treats the uppermost skin layers, it is an extremely gentle and low-risk procedure and can be applied to almost any patient. Microneedling should only be avoided in the following cases:

  • Skin cancer
  • Active acne
  • Acute herpes infection
  • Blood thinning medicines
  • Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus High blood pressure
  • Radiation or chemotherapy
  • Cortisone therapy

Costs of Microneedling at Sinis Aesthetics Berlin

The costs of a microneedling treatment in Berlin depend strongly on the individual circumstances and the objectives of the patient. Smaller areas can be treated from as little as €200. We will be happy to determine an individual cost plan in a personal consultation with you.


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