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Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments in Berlin by Fractional CO² Laser

Many patients shy away from surgery, either because as anxious patients they generally want to avoid surgery, or because they cannot afford to be absent for too long for private or professional reasons. Since the introduction of modern laser technology in plastic aesthetic surgery, there are now solutions to perform a wide range of cosmetic procedures without surgery, which even in these cases can provide lasting results. In the USA, treatment with Fraxel lasers or other fractional CO² lasers has established itself as the gold standard for non-operative skin rejuvenation and tightening or treatment of acne scars.

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Laser Treatment: The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

2 hours


Local anesthesia

Follow-up treatment

Nourishing skin cream

Resumption of social activities

depending on intensity
after 4–14 days




With multiple treatments:


from 500.00 euros

When is a Laser treatment useful?

  • For patients who are looking for a sustainable, cosmetic procedure without long downtime due to a busy private or professional everyday life
  • For patients who want younger and firmer skin because the skin has sagged in some places due to signs of aging
Laser Treatments


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Further Information on Laser Treatment at Sinis Aesthetics Berlin

As with all aesthetic treatments, a consultation is absolutely necessary in the case of laser treatment. This is the only way to create an individual treatment plan for your desired goal.

In case you have a darker skin type, you should make sure when scheduling your appointment that you do not expose yourself to intensive direct sunlight for four weeks before to four weeks after the treatment.

The treatment at the Sinis Clinic Berlin with the fractionated CO² laser takes between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on the size and nature of the area to be treated. After the application of an anaesthetic cream and an appropriate cleaning and disinfection of the skin, the laser device is activated its special hand-held device, and the individual laser pulses follow at relatively short intervals. The device is then gradually guided over the entire treatment area.

This is followed by a further cleaning, cooling and application of a soothing and disinfecting cream.

The laser treatment with the fractionated laser is perceived by most patients as painless. At most, short, slightly burning sensations may occur.

Since the vaporization of the small spots of skin during the treatment results in a slight smoke and odor, which is reminiscent of the smell of burnt hair, aromatherapy can be used in addition to ventilation, if the patient so desires. The smoke development itself is normal and harmless.

For safety reasons, you should keep your eyes closed during treatment and additionally wear protective goggles provided by us.

The appearance after treatment depends mainly on the intensity of the laser beam. If a low strength is used, only many tiny whitish dots in a checkerboard pattern will be visible on the skin immediately after the treatment. The first reaction to the treatment is a reddening of the treated area, similar to sunburn.

This redness will subside within one to five days. A slight swelling may occur for one to two days. Sometimes the treatment spots are visible for a few days until they heal. As soon as new skin replaces the dead tissue, scaling of the skin occurs. This is a clear sign that the desired healing process is underway and new skin substances are being formed accordingly.

It is normal for the skin to feel a little rough during this time.

After about 10 – 14 days the visible phase of healing is usually complete. However, the formation of new collagen and elastic fibres takes several weeks, so that progress of skin improvement appearance can be assessed after 4 – 8 weeks.

If the adjustment is strong, the small dots can also bleed slightly, leaving a slightly bloody scab on your skin for 7-10 days. Most patients have the treatment on a Thursday and take Friday off. The worst should be over by Monday. How strongly they react to the treatment also depends on how intensively they have been treated.

We will determine the necessary intensity in a detailed consultation with you, as in addition to the desired result, the individual circumstances must also be taken into account.

The results of such treatment usually last for several years. However, this is highly dependent on your lifestyle, especially whether you smoke and/or are frequently exposed to the sun.

The technique of fractional CO² lasers is based on shooting several hundred tiny holes into the skin by means of a special laser head. Depending on the setting, these extend to a depth between 0.1 and 2.5 mm. This allows 2 effects to be achieved simultaneously. On the one hand, the collagen fibres are ‘vaporised’ in the treated areas and thus contract. As a result, a first small tightening effect can already be seen immediately after application.

The micro-injuries produced subsequently stimulate the production of the body’s own collagen and elastic fibres from the untreated skin ridges over a period of 4-6 weeks. As a result, after the healing process is completed, the skin appearance is significantly fresher and firmer, and small and medium wrinkles are significantly reduced. As a rule, 2 – 4 treatments at intervals of about 4 weeks are necessary for satisfactory success.

In case of larger defects or deeper wrinkles, it may be necessary to increase the power of the laser treatment accordingly. Although these are still much easier to tolerate compared to surgical measures, a ‘downtime’ of 7-14 days before returning to full social activities, since the external appearance is impaired by corresponding incrustations and redness. In contrast to the gentler version, however, 1-2 sessions are often sufficient for a good treatment result.

Risks and Complications / After the Laseroperation

In principle, treatments with a fractionated laser are extremely low-risk and have few side effects. Occasionally, the treatment can cause pigment shifts (light or dark spots on the skin), which disappear after weeks or months. Only in very rare cases do these pigment spots not completely recede and remain clearly visible. These risks are especially pronounced if you are exposed to too much sunlight before and after the treatment. For this reason, you should not expose the affected areas directly to the sun or visit a solarium four weeks before or four weeks after a treatment. If sun exposure cannot be avoided, you should use a sunscreen product with a protection factor of at least 50, applying it several times a day.

As already mentioned, depending on the strength of the laser setting, the smallest superficial injuries and punctiform tiny bleedings may occur. The formation of crusts or blisters is much less frequent. In such cases you should use an antibacterial ointment for a few days. If crusts persist for more than 10 days, the treating physician should carry out an appropriate check in order to rule out a skin infection. Such infections can usually be treated with a cream and only in exceptional cases do they require the administration of antibacterial medication.

In rare cases, the treatment can cause cold sores or shingles of the face if you are carrying the virus in question, as these viruses, which are dormant in the body, could be activated by the treatment. Superficial scars may occasionally develop, which shine brightly through the epidermis and may look like a pigment deficiency. Extremely rarely, thick, bulging, discoloured, painful and/or itchy scars (scar proliferation, keloid) or even scarred skin retractions can develop as a result of the treatment if you have a corresponding predisposition. Timely treatment of such scars usually provides considerable relief. Please inform us before the treatment if you are known to have a tendency to excessive scarring.

When treating the lower eyelids, it is extremely rare for the skin to shrink too much, causing the lower eyelid to protrude (ectropion), which leads to irritation of the affected eye and increased tear flow. Such an ectropium usually resolves itself within a few weeks. Only in a few exceptional cases is an operative correction necessary.

While almost all patients are very satisfied with the results, there are a few people who do not respond to this treatment. In such cases one will try to intensify the treatment, combine it with other procedures or choose other treatment options.

  • Min. 4 weeks no direct sunlight
  • After the crusts have fallen off, sun protection with sun protection factor 50
  • Ideally no hot environment in the first 5 days (sauna, hot shower…)
  • Not using colouring make-up, as long as a scaling is present (otherwise there is the danger of a tattoo
  • No rough removal of the crusts, no rubbing with a towel
  • In case of severe swelling, take bromelin or wobenzym to reduce the swelling, 3 times daily 2 tablets for 1 week

Aesthetic medicine has countless possibilities to fight wrinkles and save fading facial as well as body contours. Armed with hyaluronic acid and a scalpel, plastic surgeons, in addition to noses and bosoms, primarily straighten souls. But against scars, pigmentation marks and stretch marks, hyaluronic acid injections look pale. This is where the revolutionary technology of the laser comes in.

Laser therapy using carbon dioxide lasers has been used successfully for at least 20 years. The fractional CO2 laser procedure has proven itself in aesthetic medicine and has established itself as the gold standard for skin resurfacing in modern laser therapy. Whether superficial or deep wrinkles, dark pigment spots or severely pronounced scars – the innovative laser therapy makes the skin shine with a new radiance.

The new generation fractional CO2 laser is virtually ideal for skin rejuvenation. In the course of treatment, the laser selectively ablates the upper layer of the skin, stimulating collagen synthesis. The regeneration of the tissue starts in the “abraded” areas, so that the skin is renewed. This happens within four to eight weeks after the treatment.

Sunken, protruding or discolored scars are smoothed out, pigment spots become lighter and the skin’s appearance becomes more even and finer in the long term. In addition, the radiation of the fractional CO2 laser reaches deeper layers of the skin. This also regenerates them, so that the skin becomes denser and rejuvenated through collagen formation.

Laser treatment is a highly effective method to improve the appearance of the skin in the long term and thus achieve a more positive radiance. However, the procedure is not always and not for everyone a suitable solution. Before a planned laser treatment, you should inform us about any existing intolerances. You should also inform us about diseases such as diabetes and regular or irregular medication intake. Before you even decide to undergo laser treatment, you should first and foremost rule out any possible pathological changes in the skin.

If you have squamous cell carcinoma (spinalioma) or black skin cancer (melanoma), laser treatment should not be performed. Laser treatment is also counterproductive for hemangiomas with a strong central vessel (hemangioma). Laser therapy is also not possible if you suffer from stage II or higher rosacea or acute cold sores. In the case of a compound nevus, pigmented or low-pigment nevus, consultation with a specialist is required first. Laser treatment is also unsuitable for people who have an acute bacterial or viral infection or are otherwise seriously ill.

Also, people who are convalescing after an illness or surgery should not be treated. To minimize complications, we perform laser treatment only on healthy people.

CO2 laser therapy is suitable for almost every patient, as it is gentle, low-risk and virtually pain-free. Experience has shown that most patients tolerate the treatment very well. In the case of laser treatment of particularly sensitive skin areas, a local anesthetic can be administered prior to application. In principle, you can receive pre-treatment with a local anesthetic if desired.

The costs of a facial treatment with the fractional carbon dioxide laser vary greatly. Therefore, a blanket price quote is not possible and would be unserious at this point. The final amount depends on the size of the lasered area as well as the type of laser treatment. All treatments performed in our Sinis clinic are specifically tailored to each individual person. The exact course of treatment also depends on the individual general conditions, the personal initial situation and the desired result.

We can only make serious statements about treatment prices after an individual consultation. We are always ready for such a medical consultation and cordially invite you to attend.

Types of Treatment with a Fractional CO² Laser

  • Wrinkle Treatment
  • Laser Lift
  • Scar Correction
  • Skin renewal, skin rejuvenation and skin tightening (skin rejunivation, skin resurfacing) in all body regions
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Removal of Coarse-pored Skin
  • Elimination of Acne Scars
  • Reduction of stretch marks

In order to support faster healing, but also to significantly extend the duration of effect of fractional laser treatment, it is usually advisable to carry out PRP treatment in combination with laser treatment. The laser treatment stimulates the areas of increased cell activity, which are particularly good and sensitive to prolonging and

However, laser treatment using the CO² laser is not only applicable in the context of conservative treatment. Additional treatment with the fractional CO² laser offers a good possibility to significantly enhance and support the positive surgical result, also with regard to the skin appearance and especially in the context of surgical interventions. In addition, laser treatments can be performed with higher power because of the surgical procedures performed under anaesthesia.

Likewise, the corresponding downtime caused by the operation is sufficient to cover the healing from laser treatment too, so that the patient achieves an optimal result with only one operation. Examples of the combination of surgical procedures and laser treatments are, for example, lower eyelid lifting or liposuction

When it comes to lower eyelid lifting, a significant improvement in the lifting result can be achieved by the additional use of the fractionated laser. The combination of removing excess skin and subcutaneous fat pockets on the lower eyelids using laser treatment properties for wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation leads to a significantly rejuvenated and wrinkle-free skin appearance. Since the surgical procedure is performed under anesthesia, the laser can be applied at maximum power, so that in most cases the one-time laser treatment is sufficient for an optimal treatment result.

The additional use of the fractional laser can support the treatment result in a variety of other surgical procedures (such as vaginal rejuvenation and constriction as part of a mummy makeover). We would be happy to inform you about this in a consultation.

How many laser treatments do you need?

Experience has shown that about 6 to 10 treatments are necessary for hair removal in order to achieve a satisfactory result. In order to achieve an optimal result in skin rejuvenation, around 3 to 8 sessions are required. However, we cannot provide accurate general information about the duration of treatment, since the individual results vary greatly.

Laser treatment options

Scars, wrinkles, pigment spots or sun damage on the skin are sometimes a disturbing factor even at a young age. The reasons for this can be special life events and/or individual genetic predisposition. The advancing age also brings age spots and deeper wrinkles. In principle, laser therapy is suitable for both women and men, regardless of age. The innovative technology for skin rejuvenation can be used on different skin zones.

Whether it’s stubborn melasma, pigmentation and age spots, large-pored skin or an irregular complexion — therapy with the fractional CO2 laser is an effective method for treating skin problems. Even mild signs of aging of the skin such as slight to moderate wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté can be successfully treated with it. Therapy with the fractional CO2 laser gives these skin areas a healthy, fresh and rejuvenated appearance. Furthermore, the carbon dioxide laser can achieve a significant improvement in the skin texture with scars of all kinds and stretch marks.

Fractional laser therapy using CO2 lasers has been used successfully for at least two decades. It is now considered the gold standard for skin resurfacing in modern laser treatment. Whether scars, pigment spots or wrinkles — with the fractional CO2 laser, unwanted skin damage on the face can be corrected. The laser treatments form new, firm skin fibers. The skin regenerates and the skin structure improves significantly. In order to achieve the desired result, experience has shown that around three to six treatment sessions at intervals of around two to five weeks are sufficient. The duration of a session varies between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the skin structure and size of the skin areas. You will find out the exact procedure of the laser therapy during an individual consultation.

Fractional laser therapy is ideal for refining pores and beautifying the skin structure in this way. With the help of CO2 lasers, we work, among other things, on the deeper layers of the skin, which stimulates collagen synthesis. As a result, new skin cells form. The skin becomes thicker and firmer, which causes the pores to close. The skin structure is smoothed and the result is a finer complexion. In order to achieve the desired result, about two to six sessions spaced about two to four weeks apart are usually appropriate. Experience has shown that a treatment session lasts 15 to 30 minutes. These are only guide values that give you an initial insight. You will find out the exact course of treatment in an individual consultation.

The laser process is ideal for getting rid of annoying body hair forever. Both the safety and effectiveness of laser epilation are proven and irrefutable. Therefore, laser treatment for permanent hair removal has been an integral part of aesthetic medicine for many years. Experience has shown that body hair on the legs and arms, in the genital area, on the chest and on the back is removed most frequently.

A hair epilation usually requires around six to ten treatments to achieve the desired result. The duration of the session depends significantly on the size of the skin regions to be treated and the density of the hair. It is also time-relevant how deep the hair follicles are in the skin. You will find out the exact process of laser epilation during an individual consultation.

The revolutionary therapy with the fractionated carbon dioxide laser is an effective method for treating scars of all kinds. Larger and older scars as well as stretch marks can also be significantly refined in this way. The laser treatment causes the selective removal of the scar tissue. New collagen fibers are formed in the barely visible, “abraded” areas. As a result, the remaining tissue regenerates, the skin structure regenerates and the scars smooth out.

The duration of a treatment session depends on the area of the skin area to be treated. Experience has shown that this varies between 15 and 45 minutes. As part of an individual consultation, you will find out the exact details of the duration and number of treatment sessions, based on your personal initial situation.

Costs of Laser Treatment in Sinis Clinic Berlin

The price for a treatment is determined individually before the first treatment and depends on the expected effort. However, in principle you can orient yourself by the following guide prices.

CO2 – FRACTIONAL LASER TREATMENT Per Application Package price for 4 treatments
Forehead 250,00 € 800,00 €
Eye Region 250,00 € 800,00 €
Mouth Region 250,00 € 800,00 €
Cheeks 250,00 € 800,00 €
Facial Peeling 300,00 € 960,00 €
Upper Lip 150,00 € 480,00 €
Face Complete 700,00 € 1.900,00 €
Acne treatment 300,00 € 960,00 €
Neck 300,00 € 960,00 €
Décolleté 400,00 € 1.280,00 €
Hands 250,00 € 800,00 €
Stretch Marks 300,00 € 960,00 €
Upper Arms 350,00 € 1.120,00 €
Forearms 300,00 € 960,00 €
Scars 150,00 € 480,00 €

The fractional laser treatment costs are not covered by health insurance, as this is a cosmetic service. Payment is made immediately for each individual treatment, either in cash or by card. In the case of package offers, the package price must be paid at the first treatment.

The costs of a facial treatment with the fractional carbon dioxide laser vary greatly. Therefore, a blanket price quote is not possible and would be unserious at this point. The final amount depends on the size of the lasered area as well as the type of laser treatment. All treatments performed in our Sinis clinic are specifically tailored to each individual person. The exact course of treatment also depends on the individual general conditions, the personal initial situation and the desired result. We can only make serious statements about treatment prices after an individual consultation. We are always ready for such a medical consultation and cordially invite you to attend.


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