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Breast Augmentation Costs

Breast Augmentation Costs

The cost of breast surgery depends on the type of procedure and can vary greatly depending on the patient’s personal findings. Therefore, we do not offer flat rates for breast augmentation. flat rates for breast augmentation. Instead, we calculate the necessary costs for your case after our personal consultation and initial examination. For us, cost transparency and a realistic cost estimate are our top priorities. You will be informed by us in detail which costs are to be expected for which factors. As a rule, the final amount after the operation hardly ever deviates from our detailed cost estimate.

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Breast Augmentation Costs:
The Facts


Length of stay in the clinic

max. 1 day,
outpatient for small volumes


general or sedation
(twilight sleep) and local anaesthesia

Follow-up treatment

approx. 6 weeks
with sports bra

Resumption of social activities

after 14 days







Breast Augmentation Costs

Firstly, we will clarify the factors that determine the cost of breast augmentation. For example, the costs differ depending on the method of enlargement: while breast enlargement with autologous fat does not incur any costs for implants, the effort in the operating theatre is particularly high. For the method with implants, the prices vary greatly depending on the choice of implant. Afterwards we will explain the possibilities of financing as well as the assumption of costs by health insurance companies.


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Implants & Own Fat Costs

The cost of breast augmentation with autologous fat can be compared to that of breast augmentation with silicone implants. It is true that the costs for a high-quality silicone implant are saved here. However, breast augmentation with autologous fat requires considerable effort in the operating theatre. Before the actual procedure of lipofilling, the transplantation of autologous fat into the breast, can take place, the fatty tissue must be removed and then prepared for the new use in a special procedure. Without this procedure, the fatty tissue is not suitable for insertion into the breast. In addition, breast augmentation with autologous fat requires several follow-up procedures.

In order to keep the costs of breast augmentation with your own fat as manageable as possible for you, we offer complete packages depending on the planning of the target size and the resulting series of operations. These also offer a clear advantage with regard to the costs of follow-up interventions.

Costs & Financing

The question of how much silicone implants cost cannot be answered in a generalized way, since prices can vary greatly. On the basis of our many years of experience and our competence and expertise, we would like to emphasize that the following applies to breast implants: quality has its price. High-quality silicone implants cost considerably more than cheap variants. But these initially somewhat higher costs will pay off for you in the long run. The use of cheap implants often leads to complications that must be remedied in subsequent operations. Do not economize on your health and well-being!

The total cost of breast augmentation is determined by several factors. You will receive a detailed overview of the composition of the costs for your individual breast augmentation in your cost estimate after the personal consultation and the initial examination. Your cost estimate will consist of the costs for the procedure, the anaesthesia, your stay at the Sinis Clinic Berlin, the follow-up care and, in the case of breast augmentation with implants, the costs for a high-quality silicone implant of the POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics brand.

We offer the highest quality at a fair price: The Sinis Clinic Berlin is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Our team is very experienced in the field of breast surgery. Our extremely competent anaesthetists carry out modern anaesthetic procedures that are tailored to you. We also work closely with the anaesthetist in the area of aftercare to make the procedure particularly painless for you. During your stay at the Sinis Clinic Berlin you will be cared for by us, and will continue to be accompanied after the operation. The total cost of breast augmentation includes the follow-up examinations performed.

The health insurance company only covers the costs of a breast enlargement in exceptional cases. Financing breast augmentation can be an attractive option for paying for the operation, so that you do not have to cut back on quality. Various providers, including credit institutions, offer financing models that are specifically tailored to breast augmentation. We are happy to advise you here.

Cost coverage by health insurance companies usually depends on whether the breast operation is medically indexed. Interventions that serve purely aesthetic purposes are generally not covered by health insurance. Exceptions can be severe physical limitations that can be remedied by breast augmentation surgery. These include extreme asymmetries or malformations of the breast.

If the patient suffers from such a physical limitation, the health insurance company will examine the case and decide individually on the assumption of costs for breast augmentation. However, the health insurance company is obliged to cover the costs of a breast operation if a deformity has been ‘acquired’, through an amputation of the breast as a result of cancer, for example.

You are interested in a breast enlargement in Berlin and would like to know how much it would cost in Berlin? Visit us at the Sinis Clinic Berlin for a non-binding initial consultation in which we will be happy to prepare an individual cost estimate for your breast surgery. We will also be happy to advise you on the possible assumption of costs by your health insurance company and on financing options. Arrange your individual appointment today: Call us at 030 678 28 181 or simply fill out our contact form.


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