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Lower Eyelid Lift

Lower Eyelid Lift (remove bags under the eyes)

In the lower eyelid lift, the swollen ‘bags’ under the eyelid that are filled with fat, the so-called lacrimal sacs, are removed. Affected patients perceive the lacrimal sacs as an annoying flaw, which makes them look not only older but also stressed and worn out. the lacrimal sacs as an annoying flaw, which makes them look not only older but also stressed and worn out. Some measures are not sufficient to remove or reduce the bags, especially when bags under the eyes are very pronounced and cosmetic. Therefore, only a surgical intervention can lead to the desired result. There are various surgical techniques and possibilities for lower eyelid correction, such as laser treatment or surgery to remove the bags under the eyes using a knife.

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Lower Eyelid Lift:
The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

1 day as an outpatient


Local anesthesia
with immobilization

Follow-up treatment

Decongestant measures
for 2–3 days

Resumption of social activities

After 7 to 10 days







General Information about
a Lower Eyelid Lift

Both methods remove fat deposits and slack skin on the lower eyelid, which visibly smoothes the eye area again. Before the operation on the lacrimal sacs, we advise the patients to avoid alcohol and cigarettes if possible. Similarly, these toxic substances should be avoided after the operation, at least until the wounds have healed. In addition, we take a lot of time for you before your lower eyelid lift to analyse your initial situation in detail. We discuss your desired result with you and determine the best treatment method for removing your bags under the eyes.


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Removing Bags under the Eyes - Causes & Procedures

The cause of lacrimal sacs is usually due to the natural aging process. The skin becomes thinner and the connective tissue loses its elasticity. This can lead to water retention and fat accumulation, which causes the typical swelling of the lower eyelids. In some patients, however, a genetic, i.e. hereditary, predisposition also plays a role as the cause of the lacrimal sacs. Poor lifestyle habits such as alcohol and nicotine consumption also promote the formation of lacrimal sacs.

Due to stress and too little sleep, the unsightly swellings can appear at a young age, because they can also be the cause of a disturbed or slowed flow of the lymphatic system in the face, which causes the unsightly water retention.

In addition to the laser method, surgical removal of the lacrimal sacs is also possible. Depending on the initial situation, the specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery decides which method is most suitable for the patient. Usually the operation is performed under twilight sleep or, if desired, under general anaesthesia, as it is important that the patient does not move during the operation. After the anaesthetic has taken effect, the incision is made just below the lash line. The experienced microsurgeon makes the small incision with the help of a magnifying glass in order to work very precisely.

The excess skin and part of the fatty tissue are removed. During the operation, we treat both eyes ruling out inconsistencies. The wound is then closed with a fine suture in each case and stuck together with a staple plaster. The patient is treated as an outpatient after the lacrimal sac surgery, which takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and is discharged on the same day after complete recovery. After one week the stitches are removed.

The eyes must be treated with an appropriate ointment and eye drops so that the scars heal well, become lighter and soon are no longer visible. After the removal of your bags under the eyes, we will give you important tips on what to keep in mind when dealing with sunlight, the use of make-up and sporting activities.

Laser treatment of lacrimal sacs is a gentle alternative to surgery of the lacrimal sacs with an external incision. It is used when the fatty tissue on the lower lids is removed with an incision from the inside. The excess skin can then be lasered from the outside and thus be made to shrink. With this method, a small part of the laser beam penetrates the skin and additionally removes the uppermost skin layer and with it the lymph and the disturbing fat deposits of the lacrimal sacs.

There are no scars visible from the outside, as the laser does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and it is therefore not necessary to close a wound from the outside. Initially swelling and redness are normal. However, these can be treated well with ointments and cooling pads. The very young and smooth skin which grows back ensures that the bags under the eyes are permanently removed. Laser treatment is performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia and lasts a maximum of one hour. One problem when using the laser from the outside is burning the skin.

Not every skin type is suitable for this, as the consequences sometimes heal over several weeks and redness and sometimes even pigment irregularities remain. The cutting of the eyelid skin from the outside with the laser as part of the removal of the lacrimal sacs must be distinguished from this procedure. In this case the fat accumulation under the skin is removed conventionally and microsurgically. The laser is used to enter the skin, so that part of the skin shrinks so there is little bleeding. The basic prerequisite for all of the above mentioned procedures at the Sinis Clinic Berlin is a microsurgical preparation of the lower and upper eyelids that is as atraumatic as possible.

Both women and men are affected by unsightly bags under the eyes. The removal of tear sacs in men is done in the same way as in our female patients. Once again, a comprehensive consultation with the patient takes place in advance at the Sinis Clinic Berlin. We will clarify your findings and your exact objectives and talk to you in detail about the procedure of this minimally invasive intervention. For our male patients we also decide individually whether the bags under the eyes will be removed by laser treatment or by surgery.

Lower Eyelid Lifting - Costs, experiences,
risks and before and after comparison

The costs for a lower eyelid lift (removal of the bags under the eyes) vary depending on the initial situation and your desired result, so it is not possible to give a flat rate. An exact calculation of the surgical costs for the removal of your bags under the eyes can only be determined after a personal consultation with you. Here we determine which method will be used to achieve the best result for you.

It is our goal for patients at our Sinis Clinic Berlin to have consistently positive experiences with their lower eyelid lift. Our very competent team of specialists are central to this. They have many years of experience with lower eyelid lifting and will be happy to provide you with comprehensive care.

We know what needs and wishes patients have for their eyelid lift and are happy to fulfil them, so that you can feel completely at ease with us and have had the experience of your lower eyelid lift with other providers – above all cheap providers at home and abroad. Will we succeed? The reviews of our patients on the relevant portals Jameda and speak for themselves. You are also welcome to inform yourself on the independent portals Jameda and and read there the reports of our patients on their lower eyelid lifting experiences.

Both methods of lower eyelid lifting are considered in the literature as low-risk procedures for the face. Usual accompanying symptoms may include slight redness, swelling, temporary discomfort or headaches. For a short time, swelling can cause the lower eyelid to protrude from the eyeball (ectropion). In addition, the eyelid function can be disturbed, which means that the eyelid cannot be closed completely at night. This can lead to redness and irritation of the eyeball. Discolouration, wound pain or even bleeding cannot be completely ruled out with surgical treatment methods on the lower eyelid.

However, they do not represent any serious risks, especially since these complaints usually disappear without consequences after a short time. Very rarely infections, scarring due to laser burns and asymmetries occur. There is also a risk of under- and over-correction if either too little or too much skin is removed. Thanks to many years of expertise and a precise microsurgical procedure that is incorporated into a bespoke planning process, the risk of over- or under-correction during a lacrimal sac surgery at the Sinis Clinic Berlin is virtually eliminated.

We believe the thorough preparation during several personal consultations and a careful microsurgical execution and aftercare of the operation are important for the optimal success of the treatment and the minimization of risks during your lower eyelid lift.

For us, the most important thing when lifting the lower eyelid is to achieve an optimal and beautiful, natural result for you. We simulate the possible result of a lower eyelid lift with the patient in front of a mirror, in order to give you an idea of your new appearance even before the bags under your eyes are removed. Taking into account the significant points on the eyelids, the patient can incorporate his or her personal ideas and wishes in order to avoid overcorrections and bad planning. This enables us to produce a before and after comparison even before the lower eyelid lift procedure.


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