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Remove dark rings – (treat dark rings)

If preventive and cosmetic measures such as creams, peelings, masks, ointments or certain eye care products are no longer sufficient to treat dark circles, there are medical-aesthetic methods to remove the unsightly dark circles. there are medical-aesthetic methods to remove the unsightly dark circles. Due to the different treatment options and starting situations, a personal consultation and a thorough examination will take place at the Sinis Clinic Berlin before the dark circles are removed. To treat dark circles, they are injected with either hyaluronic acid or the patient’s own fat. Alternatively, the use of botulinium toxin or plasma therapy are available for your consideration. This involves the injection of the active ingredient under the skin in or around the lower eyelid and filling it out. The operations are performed on an outpatient basis with or without local anaesthesia.

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Eye Rings Removal / Treatment:
The Facts


Length of stay in the clinic

1 day as an outpatient


Local anesthesia
with immobilization

Follow-up treatment

Decongestant measures for
2 – 3 days

Resumption of social activities

after 7 to 10 days







General information about
removing dark rings around the eyes

On this page you will find all information about the treatment or removal of dark rings under the eyes. Depending on the type of dark rings, different treatment methods are advisable. Injection as a minimally invasive procedure is relatively low-risk. The treatment with plasma or own blood (also known as a vampire lift) concentrates the body’s own regeneration abilities. If the skin is very slack, an operation is necessary. While this entails more risks, it also promises the greatest before and after effect. For a better understanding you can also use the videos, in which the dangers are explained in detail.


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The treatment

Dark rings under the eyes, are bluish or purple discolored and usually swollen areas of the lower eyelid. The dark rings may be caused by changes in the anatomy of the patient. The blood circulates differently at these points due to pressure irregularities in the tissue and is poorly transported in its venous (i.e. oxygen-deficient) form and partially deposited in the tissue. The blood left behind by this degrades into its basic components – haemoglobin.

The released iron degrades further with the red dye to so-called haemosiderin. This should explain the bluish discoloration of the tissue. Since the external appearance of the patients appears tired and exhausted, the desire to remove the dark rings around the eyes is very strong. If the preventive and cosmetic measures are not sufficient, there are methods of medical-aesthetic treatment of dark rings under the eyes. Due to the different treatment options and starting situations, we conduct a personal consultation with you before removing the dark rings under the eyes.

This enables us to find the right treatment method for you and inform you comprehensively about it. To treat dark circles rings the eyes, they are injected with either hyaluronic acid or the patient’s own fat. Alternatively, botulinium toxin or plasma injections are possible. If these measures are not sufficient or the risk profile seems too high, an alternative is to perform an operative, microsurgical correction. For the non-operative treatment of dark circles, they are injected under the skin with a syringe and filled up with hyaluronic acid or the patient’s own fat. The operations are performed on an outpatient basis with or without local anaesthesia.

Treatment of Dark Rings

Types of Treatment

Before the injection of the dark rings, a comprehensive consultation will take place with you in our clinic. We analyse your findings, ask for your desired result and discuss the exact procedure of this minimally invasive procedure. We also determine which filler is best suited to you. Due to the different causes responsible for the development of dark circles, the filling material must be carefully and individually selected for each patient. It is not always possible to remove dark circles by injection in a reasonable and low-risk manner. However, if these procedures are suitable for removing the dark circles, they are injected with either hyaluronic acid, autologous fat, plasma or botulinum toxin. When treating with hyaluronic acid, it is important to inject the active substance not only superficially but deep into the eye ring muscle.

As a result, the skin of the lower eyelid becomes less padded and the translucent vessels become less visible, causing dark circles under the eyes to disappear. Another possibility to under-point dark circles is the treatment with botulinium toxin. Here too, the substance is injected close to the eyelid, but not quite into the muscle. The amount of botulinium toxin is dosed very precisely. In addition to the rejuvenated appearance, the tension between the eye muscle and optic nerve is also improved. Headaches and pains in the eyes themselves due to straining can be treated in the same way. Injection with autologous fat is also a superficial procedure and is almost identical to injection with hyaluronic acid. Patients often become more comfortable with the idea of using their own fat as a filling material, as it is a product produced naturally in the body. In this case, the filler is also injected under the skin, but does not have the same stabilizing effect as hyaluronic acid, as the patient’s own fat only has a limited lifting property.

The result after injection with hyaluronic acid is the most effective in terms of volume effect. In the case of autologous fat, pearly or cystic deposits can form on the lower eyelid, which are bothersome and even have to be surgically removed in particularly difficult cases. Furthermore, all three measures can lead to additional or new wrinkle patterns due to a volume shift. The effects of the injection procedures must therefore always be compared to those observed in invasive, surgical procedures. Sometimes it is useful to perform an eyelid lift using microsurgical techniques instead of accepting the risks of an injection or volume change due to fat or hyaluronic acid. An anaesthetic cream is applied on the area around the eyelid, which must be left on for about 10 minutes. The injection is almost painless for the patient, but a slight pressure may be felt. After the procedure you will be treated as an outpatient and can leave our practice immediately. Even sporting activities are no problem. In our consultations, we generally recommend that one to two weeks before the injection of the eye rings, you should refrain from taking blood-thinning medication

In recent years, the so-called vampire lift or autohaemotherapy has been praised several times in the press. Celebrities swear by plasma treatment in the media and report breathtaking results. In fact, in the recent past this procedure has become very well established as a low complication method to improve the quality of the skin, and not only on the eyelids. The use of the regenerative processes and potential of the patient’s own blood are behind this. These are obtained by taking blood from the patient. This blood is centrifuged and its corpuscular parts (i.e. the blood cells) are largely freed and cleaned. That leaves us with the so-called plasma, and its growth qualities, some of which are produced by blood platelets.

In addition, the plasma can be mixed for different qualities. The plasma obtained by this method represents a true rejuvenation cocktail by injecting the natural ability of humans to regenerate themselves in a highly concentrated form under the skin. The production of collagen is stimulated, regenerative processes are accelerated and the elastic restoring forces of the skin are supported. Based on current research results, plasma therapy has more applications than just the removal of dark circles. In addition, plasma therapy is successfully used as a complementary component of facelifts, eyelid lifts, midface operations and other facial measures.

Surgical removal of dark circles is considered when the skin around the eye area is very saggy. In this case, the desired goal of the patient – a rejuvenated appearance – can only be achieved if a microsurgical eyelid lift is performed. This surgical procedure ultimately offers the most comprehensive treatment and removal of dark circles. During a personal consultation at the Sinis Clinic Berlin, we will provide you with comprehensive information about the surgical removal of dark circles, discuss the individual steps of this operation with you in detail and explain possible risks as well as the expected result. Every surgical intervention involves risks and possible complications. Sometimes it makes more sense to accept these risks than to work with recurring syringes and filling materials, which in themselves can have equally risky and complicated side effects.

Both women and men are affected by unsightly dark circles under the eyes. The removal of dark circles around the eyes in men is done in the same way as in our female patients. Once again, a comprehensive consultation with the patient takes place in advance at the Sinis Clinic Berlin. We analyse your findings, ask for your desired result and discuss the exact procedure of this minimally invasive, microsurgical intervention. The microsurgical removal of dark circles is always used if the injection of the eye rings does not seem to be effective. Due to the different causes responsible for the development of dark circles, different procedures are used depending on the patient. Find out here about the various treatment methods for removing dark circles around the eyes, even in men.

Risks & Costs

Teardrop and Own Fat, Where are the Dangers?

We will be happy to determine the costs for the removal of your dark circles individually in your personal consultation. The costs depend on the chosen method, vary according to personal findings and your personal goals or desired result and therefore a general price cannot be offered. After an appropriate examination with consultation, our cost estimate for our patients is usually formulated in such detail that you can calculate precisely the price for the removal of your dark circles in advance.


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