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Hyaluronic Acid Treatment – Increased volume and cheeks

Hyaluronic acid is a natural moisture retainer found in our skin. It gives the face taughtness, elasticity and the soft contours. Age causes the hyaluronic acid content of the skin to decrease and the skin loses its youthful appearance. In these cases, treatment with hyaluronic acid can restore the youthful elasticity.

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Hyaluronic Acid
– Increased volume and cheeks: The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

No stay necessary


Only local anaesthetic

Follow-up treatment

Every 6 to 12 months

Resumption of social activities

1 to 2 days
after the treatment







General Information on
Volume Building with Hyaluronic Acid

On this page you will learn about the characteristics of a hyaluronic acid treatment on the cheeks. On the one hand, we would like to inform you about possible causes of volume loss on the cheeks. We then examine the advantages of the treatment compared to previous methods. In the conclusion you will find remarks on the procedure and the costs of the treatment.


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General Information

A round and plump face is a sign of youthfulness and vitality, for both men and women. The aging process that starts over the years not only causes a lack of moisture in the skin, but also the cell renewal is slowing down. Especially in old age, volume losses become visible on the cheeks and above the zygomatic bone.

The cheeks appear limp and sunken and the whole face looks tired and old. It’s not only age that leaves signs, severe weight loss and fluctuations, stress, little sleep, nicotine abuse and other factors can also lead to premature volume loss in the face. In some cases the sunken cheeks are also a consequence of genetics.

At Sinis Aesthetics, a holistic volume therapy is carried out using hyaluronic acid for sunken cheeks but also for cheekbones that are too flat or too deep. This treatment with hyaluronic acid can rebuild the areas and restore youth and a fresh appearance. Until recently, facial rejuvenation consisted of complex surgical procedures. This involved tightening drooping cheeks and pulling the skin upwards.

Today, this treatment can be postponed for a long time, as the volume build-up of the cheeks with hyaluronic acid immediately gives the patient a youthful and fresh appearance. Even deep cheek furrows or so-called hollow cheeks, which are padded with hyaluronic acid, are smoothed more clearly.

In order to create an aesthetically attractive skin appearance, an additional hyaluronic acid application is used accordingly for skin regeneration. Due to the nature of the skin and also the age of the patients, it makes sense to build up the therapy step by step over several hyaluronic acid treatments. This gradual build-up produces a beautiful and long-lasting result. Another reason for this step-by-step concept is the adapted habituation effect of the patients. This means that the patient can get used to the rejuvenation process very gradually.

There should be an interval of at least 2-6 weeks between the individual treatments. The volume therapy with hyaluronic acid does not pull the face upwards, but rather lifts and balances sunken cheeks. You can read about the effectiveness of the procedure and naturalness of the appearance in many patient opinions.


The costs of the initial consultation always depend on the type and extent of the treatment. In principle, the scale of fees for doctors applies to the consultation hours. Thereafter, patients pay 90 € for the initial consultation with anamnesis, collection of previous findings, physical examination and preparation of a therapy and cost plan. This fee is payable once and will not be credited towards further treatment.

Additional appointments and post-operative care are included in the total price of the operation and do not have to be paid separately. This is the only way to ensure a high-quality treatment with sufficient treatment time, during which we can respond to you and your specific needs. In order to ensure the success of the treatment, we have to carry out the consultation with sufficient time and care.


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