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Cost of an Eyelid Lift

The cost of an eyelid lift cannot be estimated on a fixed rate basis. They depend on the chosen method, vary according to personal findings and your desired result. Therefore we do not offer flat rates for eyelid correction or eyelid lift. An exact and individual calculation of the eyelid lift can only be made after the first personal consultation. In doing so, we determine which process is used in your company in order to achieve the best result that is tailored to your needs. Factors such as microsurgical procedure, anaesthesia costs (twilight sleep, partial or general anaesthesia), clinic costs, follow-up treatment, etc. play a significant role in the costs.

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Cost of an Eyelid Lift:
The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

1 day as an outpatient


Local anesthesia
with immobilization

Follow-up treatment

Decongestant measures
for 2–3 days

Resumption of social activities

After 7 to 10 days






approx. 3000.00 euros

Cost of an Eyelid Lift

For us, cost transparency and a realistic cost estimate are the top priorities for your eyelid lift. We will give you detailed information about the costs to be expected in your case and how these costs are composed. As a rule, the final price of an eyelid correction hardly ever deviates from our detailed cost estimate. Since eyelid surgery is about the face, and your health and well-being depend on it, you should not only consider the costs as a decisive criterion.

It is about reducing risks and creating replicablr, predictable and long-lasting results. The quality of the treatment is always our first priority. The resulting costs should always be based on a reasonable basis (the fee schedule for doctors). However, they should never be the decisive criterion for or against surgery.


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More Information about the Costs of an Eyelid Lift

The costs for an upper eyelid lift (drooping eyelid surgery) depend on the initial situation, i.e. your physical condition and the treatment method. Therefore we do not offer fixed prices for an upper eyelid lift. We will instead calculate the costs of your upper eyelid lift for you individually after your personal consultation in our detailed and transparent cost estimate. In addition to your requirements, your ideas and wishes are also taken into account. Because not everything that works is also desired by the patients.

The costs for a lower eyelid lift (removal of the bags under the eyes) cannot be calculated at a fixed rate. Similar to calculating costs for an upper eyelid lift, we will determine which treatment method will be used to remove your bags under the eyes and the resulting surgical cost in a personal consultation. The detailed cost estimate is usually precise and almost never deviates from the price we calculate in advance for your lower eyelid lift. This can be guaranteed by our expertise and many years of experience.

The costs for removing dark circles are also not the same for all patients, because they depend largely on the personal findings as well as the individual desired result and the resulting treatment method. An exact calculation of the surgery costs can only be made after the first personal consultation. We will determine which method or filling material is best suited for the removal of dark circles around the eyes. The costs for removing your dark circles are based on this.

Eyelid Lift - Costs

As a rule, the health insurance does not cover the costs of an eyelid lift if it is a purely aesthetic procedure. However, if there is a medical necessity, it is possible that an eyelid lift is an exception to the usual rules on cost coverage. A medically necessity may, for example, be a visual impairment caused by an accident or a congenital impairment (malformation of the eyelid).

Whether the health insurance company will then cover the costs of the eyelid lift depends largely on the individual case, which will be examined by the Medical Service of the Health Insurance Companies (MDK) after a medical report has been issued by the health insurance company. We would be happy to advise you individually at the Sinis Clinic Bertlin, taking into account your specific findings. We can find out whether your case is one covered by health insurance.

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