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Nose Reduction

Nose Reduction

Reducing the size of the nose is a very complex procedure in cosmetic surgery. Due to its individuality and the complex interplay of different types of tissue, the nose is a highly sensitive apparatus. of tissue, the nose is a highly sensitive apparatus. However, thanks to the most modern surgical techniques, many risks can be virtually eliminated and optimal results achieved. The procedure means not only a reduction in the size of the nose, but also the end of a long ordeal for the patient. In the area of nasal reduction, the nasal roof can be made narrower or lowered, the tip of the nose can be reshaped and lifted and the nostrils can be made smaller. Depending on the condition of the nose and the wishes of the patient, the appropriate form of treatment is selected.

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Nose Reduction:
The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

Outpatient or one night,
depending on the extent of the treatment


General or local anaesthesia
in twilight sleep

Follow-up treatment

6 days with a plaster if necessary

Resumption of social activities

1 to 4 weeks
dependent on condition







General Information about
Nose Reduction

The reduction of the nose is usually performed as a surgical procedure, but a nose reduction can also be done without surgery, using injection. This places a filler in the appropriate areas of the nose in such a way that a narrowing or reduction of the nose is achieved. In contrast to surgery, the result is not permanent, as the filling substance breaks down over a period of one to one and a half years. However, the short treatment time of maximum 10 minutes, fewer risks and almost no pain speak for this procedure. For particularly large noses, the classic operation for a nose reduction is often the only way to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting result.


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Types of Nose Reduction

The two movable, soft lobes, on the right and left side of the nose entrances, are called nasal wings. If these are too pronounced, it is possible to reduce the size of the nostrils. In the relatively uncomplicated nostril surgery, only as much skin as necessary is removed in the area of the base of the nostril to achieve narrower nostrils. A nasal wing correction can be a partial operation of a nose reduction.

Reducing the size of the nostrils is usually part of the overall nostril reduction. Large nostrils can be reduced in size by a targeted shortening of the lateral nostril walls. Due to small cuts and fine seams, scars are hardly visible. An alternative to surgery is to optically reduce the size of large nostrils using muscle-relaxing drugs. In this method, the muscles on the nostrils that are responsible for keeping the nostrils open and enlarging the nasal opening are treated by injections. This leads to a targeted weakening of muscle tension, which makes the nostrils appear smaller. Compared to surgery, the reduction in size of the nostrils by means of injection therapy does not have as great an effect.

Reducing the size of the nasal conchae does not usually happen in a single procedure in the field of rhinoplasty. The nasal conchae are often reduced in size during a nasal septum correction. The reduction of the nasal conchae is a corrective measure on the anatomically altered nasal concha. Complaints such as poor breathing, nosebleeds and chronic inflammation of the nose can be minimized by this. The outer shape of the nose is preserved if only the nasal conchae are reduced in size. If the procedure is combined with other treatments, such as correction of the tip or bridge of the nose, the shape of the nose is changed.

To achieve a reduction in the size of the nose, it is often necessary to remove parts of the nasal cartilage in addition to the tissue and bone parts during a nose correction. Together with the nasal skeleton, the nasal cartilage forms the nasal skeleton and is thus largely responsible for the shape of the nose. If the shape of the nose is to be changed in the course of a nose correction, especially when reducing the size of the nose, the nasal cartilage must inevitably also be treated.

Nose Reduction Costs

The cost of reducing the size of the nose is an important factor for many patients before they decide to undergo surgery. As soon as we know your findings and the idea of your new nose, we can tell you what costs you can expect. Please note that the costs can be quite different. The costs for an injection are far below the costs for a surgical intervention. However, the focus should not be on the costs, but on the type of treatment that will allow us to reduce your nose in the best possible way.

We here at Sinis Clinic Berlin work with a special kind of simulation in the context of your nose surgery. This is so we can give you an impression of what the desired result might look like after the operation even before your nose correction. This is where the so-called Crisalix 3D simulation helps us, using two-dimensional photos to create a before and after image of the patient’s face and more specifically the nose. This computer simulation creates a very realistic impression, which often creates more security and confidence for the patient for the upcoming nose correction.

We perform surgery on the nasal septum very regularly at our Sinis Clinic Berlin. We always proceed in a highly professional and very conscientious manner. Every patient is carefully prepared for the nasal septum surgery. Risks and side effects are analysed. Place yourself in the best of hands at our Berlin clinic and make an appointment today at 030 – 67 82 81 81. You can also use the following form to discuss your wish to have a nasal septum operation performed.


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