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Nose Tip Correction

Nose Tip Correction

Nose tip correction is a promising solution if the patient is more or less satisfied with his or her nose, but they see the tip as troublesome. but they see the tip as troublesome. Usually it is only small blemishes, such as a tip that is too long or too large, or a crooked or crooked shape, that bother the patient. Nose surgery can help correct the tip of the nose and restore symmetry with the rest of the face. The nose tip surgery is a purely aesthetic procedure, but can also be part of a comprehensive nose correction.

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Nose Tip Correction:
The facts


Length of stay in the clinic

Outpatient or one night,
depending on the extent of the treatment


General or local anaesthesia
in twilight sleep

Follow-up treatment

6 days with a plaster if necessary

Resumption of social activities

1 to 4 weeks
dependent on condition







General Information about
Nose Tip Correction

During a nose operation, the tip of the nose can be reduced, in individual cases enlarged. Additionally, it can be raised, lowered or straightened. During the reduction of the tip of the nose, tissue and cartilage are removed and the tip of the nose is then reshaped. To compensate for minor deformations, the correction of the tip of the nose can also be done without surgery, with the help of hyaluronic acid. For an overall aesthetic appearance, it can be useful to combine the nose tip correction with other treatments, such as a correction of the nostrils.


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Procedure for Nose Tip Correction

Against a nose hanging down, lifting the tip of the nose helps. This type of nose correction works by removing part of the cartilage in the nostril and shortening the front end of the nasal septum. Lifting the tip of a nose is only a minor intervention, but it causes a major optical change for the patient.

A nose tip correction is often only about removing the smallest blemishes. However, experience shows us that even the smallest treatment can have an enormous effect on the patient’s well-being. Patients often have the desire to have a nose correction carried out for a very long time before they finally decide to have it. An optimal clarification in a medical consultation can help with the decision. The experiences that other patients have already had with their nose tip correction are also a great help. Simulated before and after images illustrate very realistically what result can be expected after a nose correction and they are often one of the most important and decisive criteria. You can read testimonials from our patients with their surgery on Jameda and

Cost of the Operation

The cost of a nose tip correction depends not only on the type of correction, but also on the treatment method used. Depending on the nose and the patient’s wishes, different corrections are necessary, which are achieved in different ways. For example, a nose tip correction with hyaluronic acid is much cheaper than a correction with surgery. As soon as we have had a personal look at your nose and have an idea of your desired result, we can estimate the costs of your nose correction.

At ther Sinis Clinic Berlin, we carry out interventions with the latest technical standards in a very professional manner. In the field of nasal tip correction surgery we look back on many years of experience. You too can make an appointment with us in Berlin by calling 030 – 67 82 81 81 or using our contact form.


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