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The SMAS Lift
(Facelift SMAS)

The SMAS Lift describes a special procedure to tighten the facial skin. The abbreviation SMAS stands for Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System meaning the layer of muscle-connective tissue under the skin of the face and neck. meaning the layer of muscle-connective tissue under the skin of the face and neck. This is exactly where the SMAS facelift comes in, which is also called double layer lifting. The advantage of this form of facelift is that in addition to the sagging facial skin, the mimic musculature is also corrected. As a result, even deeper wrinkles can be successfully smoothed out. During the natural aging process, not only the skin loses elasticity, but the connective and supporting tissue of the mimic muscles also loses tension.

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The SMAS Lift:
The Facts


Length of stay in the clinic

1 night


General or local anaesthesia
in twilight sleep

Follow-up treatment

Decongestant measures
for 2–3 days

Resumption of social activities

After 14 days,
depending on extent & additional interventions







General Information about
the SMAS Lift

The SMAS is the right solution for patients with advanced signs of aging in particular. This is because this method takes into account the anatomical structure of the face and the physiological processes of aging and uses them for lifting. Thereforre, SMAS lifting produces a much more natural result that lasts longer than a simple skin tightening. It is also safer with regard to possible complications such as wound healing disorders and unpleasant scarring. For younger skin we recommend the Mini facelift or the thread technique, which does not require any cuts.


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More about SMAS Lifting

The special feature of the SMAS Facelift is the technique used for the lift. In contrast to other lifting methods, an SMAS facelift tightens not only the skin but also the layer of muscle-connective tissue. This SMAS lifting technique is much more complex than MACS lifting, but the result is more natural and longer lasting. With a surgery duration of approximately three hours, the mimic muscles are very carefully prepared and tightened from the face. Modern enlargement techniques are used to prevent injuries to the facial nerves.

In addition, the skin is lifted and excess tissue is removed through incisions behind the ear. The SMAS technique gives the tightened structures a stable anchorage, creating natural facial features and making the scars invisible. So the face looks naturally rejuvenated for many years.

The SMAS Lift is a particularly long-lasting and successful method of facelifting. The SMAS lift is optimal even for patients whose facial skin already shows quite advanced signs of aging. Parallel to the skin, deeper lying structures of the face are also lifted. How long the SMAS Lift will last varies from patient to patient. However, an aesthetic, lifted appearance of 10 years and more is very likely in most cases. Ultimately, the outcome and length of effect of a SMAS lift varies from patient to patient. The general condition of the skin and the patient’s lifestyle also play a major role.

For patients who are considering a facelift, before and after images of already performed SMAS facelifts are of interest. As a result, the patient develops a better understanding of how a facelift is performed. It also makes it easier for patients to imagine how the before and after effect of their mirror image might look with a SMAS facelift. Other experiences of patients that they have had during a SMAS lift in our Sinis Clinic Berlin also help insecure patients even more in the decision-making process. On the portals Jameda and you can read about these experiences with the SMAS facelift. You will also find our patient’s testimonials about the MACS lifting.


A personal meeting is essential for a cost analysis of your SMAS facelift. Every patient and every lift is individual, therefore we do not work with standard prices. We can give you a non-binding cost estimate after the consultation. Compared to other methods, the SMAS facelift is a more cost-intensive form of lifting. The slightly higher cost of a SMAS facelift is well justified by the special technique, the duration of the procedure and the long-lasting, natural result. Remember that your health and well-being should come first and not the cost of a facelift.

At the Sinis Clinic Berlin we perform SMAS lifting according to the highest quality standards. Many patients have already placed their trust in us and have had an SMAS lift performed in our Berlin clinic, with the highest level of satisfaction. We would be pleased to have a non-binding conversation with you about an SMAS lift at our Sinis Clinic Berlin and are available for appointments at 030 – 67 82 81 81. Using the following contact form you can also contact us directly with your request for an SMAS lift.


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